Data Protection Guarantees

Increase confidence in data recoverability, optimize storage efficiency and lower costs

  • The Future-Proof Program alleviates concerns associated with IT acquisition and operations, enabling you to focus on critical business needs while Dell Technologies handles the rest.
  • Maximize your Dell Technologies data protection investments with guaranteed outcomes.

Take advantage of data protection guarantees

  • Recover your data from ransomware and cyber events.
  • Reduce the cost impact of storing your protected data.

Recover. Optimize. Guaranteed.

Organizations need to feel confident they have the resiliency to withstand a ransomware attack. Gain confidence your data is recoverable when an incident occurs.

At the same time, persistent data growth continues to challenge storage capacity as you protect your critical business information, increasing administrative and operational costs. Know that you can significantly reduce your storage overhead.

Cyber Recovery Guarantee

  • Up to $10M to assist in recovery of your data from ransomware and qualifying cyber events.
  • Increase your confidence in choosing Dell data protection solutions to secure your data whether in production or in a cyber vault.

Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee

  • Achieve a guaranteed deduplication ratio – or we’ll make it right.
  • Use recommended best practices from Dell Technologies to get guaranteed data reduction for data protection appliances.

Cyber Recovery

Cyber Recovery Guarantee

Whether it’s production data or in a cyber recovery vault, we’ll help make sure your data is protected and recoverable to keep your business running.

Up to $5M to assist in recovery of your production data.

Protecting your business starts with protecting your data from attacks. This guarantee is a good place to start.

PowerProtect target appliances are designed with security in mind and have been helping protect customer data for years. The appliance architecture helps ensure that your data is recoverable and built-in immutability preserves data integrity and confidentiality.

Need additional protection against cyber events?

Supersize protection and recoverability of your data. Store isolated, immutable copies within a cyber vault. The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault delivers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyberattacks.

Additional up to $5M to assist in recovery of your data in a cyber vault.

Increase your confidence that your data is more secure and available. A cyber recovery vault provides maximum control of data and infrastructure.

Protection. Recoverability. Guaranteed.

For more information contact your Dell sales representative.

Data Protection

Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee

Reduce the cost impact of unrelenting data growth.

Achieve a guaranteed deduplication ratio.

Dell PowerProtect appliances deliver industry-leading data reduction technology, which equates to less storage, less footprint and less cost in your data center. And, delivering only unique data to storage via inline data compression also improves data protection performance.

Efficiency. Savings. Guaranteed.

For more information contact your Dell sales representative.


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