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We make it intelligent. You make it yours.

Take personalized PC performance to the next level with Dell Optimizer – built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work. Because intelligence is in our DNA.


Intelligence built around you

Dell Optimizer is our AI-based optimization software that powers the world’s most intelligent commercial PCs. It is designed to automatically improve everyday work by optimizing PC performance, battery run-time, audio settings and privacy – all in the background while you’re working.

Enjoy seamless, intelligent pairing and management across your ecosystem with the integration of Dell Display Manager and Dell Peripheral Manager.

Prolong battery runtime and save energy

Experience uninterrupted productivity with intelligent charging and battery features, with customizable power controls that help extend battery runtime, protect battery health, regulate thermals and save on energy costs.


Save power without sacrificing performance
Enjoy up to 18% power savings plus up to 21.9% performance per watt improvement by selecting Quiet Mode from your thermal management settings.

Preserve battery performance
Optimize battery performance with preset charging modes or through AI based technology that will apply the best mode based on how you use your PC. Advanced Charge feature prevents overcharging, even when plugged into a direct power source.

Charge faster
Get all the power you need in less time with up to 90% charge in one hour. ExpressCharge can improve battery recharging performance by 32%.

Understand battery health and status
Find detailed battery information including percent remaining, overall health, charge status and other helpful data.

Save on energy costs
Choose what times of day to charge your battery or when to work off battery power – even when plugged in – avoiding high-cost times of day.

Intelligent Presence Detection

Enable built-in sensors to help preserve battery runtime and keep on-screen data private.


Help protect your on-screen data with Onlooker Detection, which texturizes your screen and notifies you when unwanted viewers are detected.


Extend battery run time with Look Away Dim, which darkens your screen when you’re not facing it and Walk Away Lock turns off your display. Plus, keep your on-screen information secure wherever you are with network-based privacy settings which contextually adjust your Intelligent Privacy features based on the network you’re working on.


faster

Get to work faster and keep your sensitive data private with our
Presence Detection technology. The proximity sensor detects
your presence to wake on approach while Windows Hello logs
you in via facial recognition and locks your PC when you walk
away. This not only provides convenience but also extends battery life.


The world’s most intelligent collaboration experience

Dynamic Volume intelligently adjusts your PC speaker volume, so you can hear your call clearly over unexpected noises.

Dell Optimizer Dynamic Volume
Dell Optimizer Dynamic Volume
Dell Optimizer
Dell Optimizer

Intelligent Audio elevates sound quality and intelligently senses your surroundings to remove background noises from you and from other conference call participants. Plus, voice quality monitoring alerts you when your voice quality is poor and when others may have a hard time hearing you.

Control at your fingertips

Ease into meetings with the collaboration touchpad.

Turn your camera on/off, share your screen, mute or unmute your mic and open chat with a single touch using the Collaboration Touchpad that improves your collaboration experience. Available on select Latitude PC devices for use with Zoom or Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

Work without latency

The world’s first simultaneous multi-network connection delivers unmatched connectivity and faster data and video downloads.

Boost network performance with up to 2x faster data and video downloads.


Privacy and control

Our team at Dell abides by a strict, rigorous process of developmental cycles to ensure that all Dell Optimizer users enjoy a safe, secure AI experience and user information is always handled responsibly.

Ensured privacy

Our technology analyzes optimization data locally on the system, and never leaves the PC. Personal data is never collected.

Centralized control

Deploy and optimize multiple systems simultaneously and remotely with minimal interruptions to your workflow.

Tangible results

Personalized insights and end-user reports help track productivity gains over time through the analytics tool available on select Precision and Rugged PCs.

Adaptive and agile

Easily set up and customize individual features that fit your work environment with Modular Installation. Plus, you can easily restore software after your device has been reformatted.


Explore the world’s most intelligent commercial PCs with built-in AI


Take your ideas to the next level with workstations optimized for performance, reliability and user experience.


Be ready for work everywhere with Rugged laptops and tablets, built and tested for ultimate field productivity.


Experience  technology that revolves  around you with the new, sustainably built OptiPlex family.


Make the world your workplace with PCs designed with intelligent collaboration, connectivity and security.


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Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors
Learn More about Intel