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At Dell Technologies, we continue to innovate, developing technology so you can accelerate discovery and innovation.


Faster system performance with more capacity


Faster configuration and integration


Acceleration in research value recognition


Faster AI models (from one to two months to two to three days

Global Research Shows HPC Priorities Shifting to Emphasize Sustainability

As the number of AI/ML/HPDA workloads performed on HPC systems continues to increase, the drive to expand computing capabilities is coming up against the cost of required energy. A global study conducted in April 2023 by HPC analyst Hyperion Research, sponsored by Dell, Intel, and NVIDIA found:


Over a third of global HPC users say energy costs will reduce operational hours.


Nearly half of data centers in this survey say they currently measure their carbon footprint, energy use or environmental impact.


Three-quarters of respondents say energy costs influence their adoption of public cloud resources.

Government HPC, AI and Data Analytics with Cornelis Networks Solution Brief
Validated Design
Government HPC, AI and Data Analytics with NVIDIA Mellanox Solution Brief Validated Design for PowerEdge 15G Validated Design for PowerEdge 16G
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Solutions for HPC/AI

Whether you’re working to save lives, understand the universe, build better machines, neutralize financial risks or anticipate customer sentiment, with high performance computing solutions, you can impact the success of your organization — and shape the future of our world.
Life Sciences

Life Sciences

HPC systems designed for workloads such as genomics, proteomics, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics and/or cryo-EM.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

HPC systems created for structural analysis including computational fluid dynamics, noise/vibration, and electro-magnetics.

Financial Services

Financial Services

The Validated Designs for HPC - Risk Assessment runs data-intensive Monte Carlo simulations on powerful high performance computing (HPC) systems that include GPU-accelerated Dell PowerEdge servers paired with high-performance storage, optimized to accelerate Monte Carlo simulation results.

Government HPC, AI and Analytics

Government HPC, AI and Analytics

Run HPC, AI and Data Analytics on the same system with dynamic movement of jobs between Slurm® and Kubernetes based on demand.

Omnia open source software

Omnia open source software

Compose a unified architecture with multi‑purpose, balanced nodes to support multiple workloads, and quickly re-compose resources as needed.

Storage Systems

Storage Systems

Unlock the value of your data with scalable HPC systems like Dell PowerScale, PixStor or BeeGFS storage.

HPC on demand

HPC on demand

Extend your capabilities with on-demand access to HPC resources and technical expertise.



HPC systems engineered for research including climate and weather modeling, geosciences and energy.


McLaren Racing Delivers Performance Improvements

McLaren Racing Delivers Performance Improvements

The team at McLaren relies on edge computing and HPC to power billions of CFD simulations every season to shave critical seconds off race times.

Crowdsourced Supercomputing

Crowdsourced Supercomputing

The Folding@home distributed computing project has created an exascale supercomputer — and is putting it to work in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases.

Accelerating the Path to Sustainable Energy

When life depends on data

TGen's precision medicine explorations bring better treatments to more patients. They take discoveries in the lab and translate them into treatment quickly and effectively, by manipulating massive quantities of data — moving it to where it needs to be, managing it securely and processing it intelligently.

HPC Infrastructure

From workstations to supercomputers, Dell Technologies has the infrastructure to fuel your next innovation or discovery.
Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Precision Workstations

Get powerful performance in a lightweight workstation for innovation and discovery.

specialty servers

PowerEdge Servers

Delivering the processing power, capacity, throughput and scale to power advanced HPC.

powerswitch edge switches


Flip the switch to open networking with software choice, ecosystem integration and automation.

Dell PowerScale Storage

PowerScale Storage

The world’s most flexible scale-out NAS solution is designed to be flexible and reliable at any scale.