Dual Monitors

Push your productivity with a dual monitor set up

For users who want a larger viewing area on their desktop monitor, a dual monitor setup provides an excellent option. In a dual monitor set-up, two monitors can be mounted side-by-side to provide an ultrawide viewing space ideal for those who work on multiple applications.

As the world #1 monitor company, Dell offers a range of dual monitor options that help to enhance productivity and simplify multitasking.

Dual Monitors

Discover the ultimate user experience on Dell’s award-winning UltraSharp monitors featuring our best color and technology.

Dual Monitors

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Dual Monitors

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Why having two monitors is better than one

Dual monitors offer significant benefits for users and businesses alike.

Increased productivity
A gain in productivity is the biggest advantage of a dual monitor set up. Utilize a dual monitor setup for a 21% boost in productivity .

Based on Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell, “Improve productivity with the new Dell P Series monitors in a dual-display configuration”, November 2018, compared to an older model in single-display configuration. Actual results will vary. Full report: https://www.principledtechnologies.com/Dell/P2419H_monitor_productivity_1118.pdf

Easy multitasking
Dual monitor setups allow users to spend less time switching between windows. With room to view several applications running at once, it’s easy to multitask and switch between email, videoconferencing, database applications, word processing and other programs.

Simple editing
Dual monitors help users see multiple applications all at once. With more onscreen space, editing tools can be placed alongside the document, video or image that is being worked on, saving time spent to toggling between the file and toolbar. Copying and pasting text and images between different applications is also made easier.

Effortless comparisons
When comparing products, images, text or web pages, dual monitors make it easy to present information side-by-side and see differences immediately.

Dual monitors from Dell

Dual Monitors

Dell offers virtually borderless InfinityEdge monitors as well as 3-sided ultrathin bezel designs that enable a seamless view across dual monitor setups. Our business monitors feature a compact base, cable management and are compatible with VESA mounts and stands to optimize the workspace. Dual monitors can be mounted on a stand or an arm that clamps to the back of a desk or to a pedestal to save diskspace.

UltraSharp monitors
Dell UltraSharp monitors combine front-of-screen performance, exceptional functional design, and trusted reliability to provide the ultimate user experience in business displays. Choose from a range of InfinityEdge or 3-sided ultrathin monitors offering offer nearly 100% AdobeRGB and sRGB coverage, along with newer color spaces like DCI-P3, REC 709, and REC 2020 for video formats. With up to 1.07 billion colors, these displays deliver extraordinary color depth and better color gradation and precision, even in dark areas.

P Series monitors
Dell P Series monitors are designed to push productivity, no matter what your work style. In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology delivers consistent color across a wide viewing angle. A flicker-free screen optimizes eye comfort while a ComfortView or ComfortView Plus feature reduces up to 60% of harmful blue light emissions.

In addition to dual monitor configurations, Dell offers ultrawide monitors and large computer monitors that also provide a larger viewing area. Dell curved monitors provide a more immersive viewing Choose from a range of InfinityEdge or 3-sided ultrathin monitors offering. A Dell HDR monitor delivers an exceptional visual experience, while USB-C monitors offer greater convenience and ease of use when connecting a laptop.

C Series

Dell C Series Monitors are purposely built for seamless collaboration at home, in the office or anywhere in between. These are the world's first video conferencing monitors certified for Microsoft Teams^ featuring an integrated IR camera for FHD video conferencing, built-in 5W speakers and noise-canceling microphone. These monitors are built for comfort, with fully adjustable displays, flicker-free screen and ComfortView Plus - an always-on, built-in, low blue light screen, that reduces potentially harmful blue light emissions from your screen while delivering excellent color accuracy.

Why Dell for monitors?

Dell for monitors

As a monitor technology leader, Dell displays are designed to address and overcome workplace challenges and obstacles, both today and tomorrow. Dell remains committed to understanding what businesses need and how our monitors can improve operations, productivity, and collaboration.

Proven reliability
Dell monitors are built with an unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Available on select Dell E, P and U series monitors. Based on Dell internal analysis, August 2018. Actual blue light reduction will vary by model.

Multifaceted Support
Small businesses rely on their technology, and Dell is committed to providing support if issues arise:

  • Dell Premium Panel Exchange allows a free monitor replacement during the Limited Hardware Warrantyperiod, even if there is only a single broken pixel.
  • Get a higher level of support with ProSupportfor monitors. This program includes 24x7 access to ProSupportengineers for set-up, configuration, troubleshooting, and more, as well as next business day Advanced Exchange.

Eco-conscious design
Dell monitors are designed with the environment in mind and meet the latest regulatory and environmental standards. Designed with the environment in mind, Dell commercial monitors come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our 2030 Social Impact goals here, and our product’s carbon footprint here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dual monitor?
A dual monitor setup is a computer display that features two connected monitors placed side-by-side.

What are the advantages of a dual monitor?
The larger viewing area divided by dual monitors enhances productivity by allowing users to have multiple applications and windows open at the same time. Users can more easily cut-and-paste between documents, compare information and switch focus between applications.