FreeSync Monitors

Enjoy smoother gameplay with a FreeSync monitor

For gamers who want a consistently smooth gaming experience with no stuttering or tearing, a FreeSync monitor is a must-have. AMD FreeSync™ is an adaptive synchronization technology that aligns the refresh rate with the frame rate of the content generated by a graphics card. As a result, FreeSync eliminates the choppiness in images that can ruin the gaming experience.

Dell has FreeSync monitors in a wide range of sizes and all the features that casual and competitive gamers require. With Freesync monitors, every detail is emphasized, gameplay is seamless, and the visuals are sharper and smoother than ever.

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How a FreeSync monitor works

Players who want the best gaming monitor possible should consider a display with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. A FreeSync monitor eliminates one of the biggest hurdles to smoother gameplay: screen tearing. Tearing occurs when a computer’s graphics card produces content at a frame rate (number of frames per second) that is faster than a monitor’s refresh rate (number of times the monitor redraws the screen per second). The result is a screen that shows a portion of one frame and the next frame at the same time. The effect is like two or more pieces of a picture that don’t quite line up.

A FreeSync monitor solves this problem using a dynamic refresh rate to synchronize the monitor and the graphics card. Whatever rate the graphics card is pushing out frames, a FreeSync monitor adjusts to that rate to display every frame smoothly.

In addition to AMD FreeSync, some monitors feature AMD FreeSync Premium technology that features a refresh rate of at least 120Hz at a minimum FHD resolution. Additionally, specific monitors use AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, the technology that raises the bar for gaming displays and provides an exceptional user experience when playing HDR games, movies, and other content.

FreeSync monitors from Dell

FreeSync Monitors

Dell offers a variety of FreeSync monitors in its portfolio of gaming displays that will go well with your gaming PC setup.

Dell gaming monitors provide an array of performance levels and deliver the best value to casual and competitive gamers. With premium-quality components and gaming-inspired design, Dell FreeSync monitors are available in a range of screen sizes, refresh rates, panel types, and resolutions.

Alienware monitors are the industry’s best displays for speed and immersion for players who want the ultimate gaming experience. With iconic Alienware design and premium quality components, Alienware FreeSync monitors deliver uncompromising performance and continuous innovation to lead the industry in monitor technology. Alienware display options include LED and OLED monitors, 4k gaming monitors and 120Hz to 240hz monitors in screen sizes from 24 inches to 55 inches.

In addition to FreeSync monitors, Dell delivers a wide range of additional gaming monitors, including some of the best 4k gaming monitors in the industry.

Why choose Dell for gaming?

Gaming Monitor Choose

Peace of mind, guaranteed
Dell monitors are engineered with the utmost care and precision. Monitors are also tested with an exhaustive regimen that ensures each display will deliver the reliability that gamers expect.

A reliable brand
Dell has an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Dell continues to create innovative monitors to improve both productivity and the gaming experience.

Eco-conscious design
Dell monitors conform to environmental certifications and are shipped free of Styrofoam. Many models also boast energy-saving features that help to save on power consumption. Dell remains committed to selling monitors that are as eco-friendly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

FreeSync vs G-Sync monitor
AMD FreeSync is a technology that leverages industry standards such as DisplayPort™ Adaptive-Sync to deliver dynamic refresh rates for end-users. By synchronizing the refresh rate of a display with the frame rate of FreeSync-compatible graphics cards, a FreeSync monitor can reduce or eliminate visual artifacts such as screen tearing and stuttering during gaming and video playback.

What is screen tearing?
Screen tearing distorts images on a computer monitor that occurs when the graphics processor sending images to the display is out of sync with the monitor. Screen tearing causes a line to appear during video playback or gameplay, where the screen shows one image on one side of the line and a slightly different image on the other.

What is a FreeSync monitor vs. a G-SYNC monitor?
While a FreeSync monitor uses AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate stuttering and screen tearing, a G-SYNC monitor uses NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to achieve the same result.