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Gaming PC Setup

Building a gaming PC setup

For gamers looking for every competitive edge, the right gaming PC setup can deliver greater power, faster responses and more immersive gaming experiences. Every element counts – from the latest processors and latest graphics cards in the computer to the fastest refresh rates on monitor and the programmable keys on the gaming keyboard.

As an innovator in gaming technology, Dell offers a broad assortment of gaming equipment, including some of the best PCs for gaming in the industry. With Dell, gamers can choose from exceptional PCs and monitors as well as an entire ecosystem of gaming technology to build the best gaming PC setup for their level of skill and style of play.

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What’s in a gaming PC setup?

Gaming tower
A tower computer is the center of a gaming PC setup. Gaming computers need fast CPUs and graphics cards in order to render clear images and fluid video on the screen. A gaming PC should also have superior cooling mechanisms to prevent CPUs and GPUs from overheating. Ample amounts of RAM are essential for avoiding bottlenecks – 8GB is the bare minimum, while 16GB of RAM is preferred for processing-intensive games.

The right gaming monitor can provide a more immersive, pleasurable and competitive experience. Monitors with faster refresh rates eliminate screen tearing and stuttering when rendering images and video. Displays with the lower response times let players see and respond to images on the screen more quickly. Dual monitors provide more screen real estate, while curved monitors offer a more immersive view. 4K monitors and OLED monitors produce images with exceptional clarity, higher contrast ratios, stunning colors and jaw-dropping detail.

A headset is essential for communicating with other players in multiplayer games. Headsets also let you take in every sound in the game as it was meant to be heard.

The best keyboards allow for faster key presses and personalization through programmable keys.

A customizable mouse with vibration and quick clicking capabilities can provide a competitive edge.

Set up your gaming station with Alienware and G Series

Gaming PC Setup

Dell offers several lines of gaming PCs that allow every player to find the right set up for their skill level and budget.

Alienware gaming PCs
Alienware laptops and desktops drive some of the most competitive gaming PC setups. The Alienware Aurora machine is intended for desktop gaming purists, virtual reality experiences and eSports competitors, while the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition is designed for desktop gamers who create. Equipped with up to the latest Intel® Core and AMD Ryzen™ processors, respectively, these PCs feature iconic designs, premium features, extensive cooling and innovative airflow technology for ultimate performance.

In addition to gaming PCs, Dell also offers 4K gaming laptops and custom gaming laptops, along with VR PCs that can add a whole new dimension to gaming experiences.

Dell G-Series PCs
G Series laptops are designed to provide entry-level and mainstream gamers an intense gaming experience. These laptops are equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs and feature a thermal design that helps keep you going with your game. With the latest NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel or AMD processors, these gaming laptops provide powerful performance.

Dell gaming accessories

Along with gaming PCs, you’ll find a wide range of gaming accessories and peripherals when you visit

Dell offers a huge variety of gaming monitors, from 24-inch Full HD displays to 34-inch curved gaming monitors and 55-inch OLED screens.

Choose from wired and wireless headsets that suit your style and gaming preferences. Or select gaming sound bars and speaker systems that deliver full-bodied, immersive audio.

Mice and keyboards
Alienware keyboards with programmable keys and dedicated volume controls improve competitiveness

What makes gamers choose Dell?

Gaming Monitor Choose

Dell Premium Support
Dell offers several levels of technical support, including 24x7 access to Premium Support. Solve issues in real time with help from real people. Let Dell experts proactively monitor your device and contact you when an issue is detected. With Accidental Damage Services, drops, spills and surges are covered by your warranty.

Free shipping
Dell gaming PCs ship free of charge with standard delivery. Learn more here.

Price Match
With Dell’s Price Match policy, Dell will match the lower price of a Dell gaming PC setup or an equivalent system advertised online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gaming PC setup?
A gaming PC setup is a computer system – including the computer, monitor and peripherals – that have been specifically chosen to handle the demands of processing-intensive video games.

What features are essential in a gaming PC setup?
A computer with fast processors, the latest graphics cards and a large amount of RAM can help to improve the speed and responsiveness of gameplay. Monitors with faster refresh rates and lower response times ensure smooth and fluid images and motion. And specially designed keyboards, mice and headsets provide gamers with all the tools they need to achieve a competitive edge while immersing themselves in their gaming experiences.

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