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Gain an edge. Fortify your gaming station.

Whether you’re a competitive gamer or a casual player, your gaming station can make or break your gaming experience. When you’re playing on a superior setup, you become completely immersed in the game. The system responds to your every move with graphics that render in clear and beautiful detail. Plus, you can enjoy high-speed action without screen tearing, stuttering, or lag.

Dell offers a wide range of gaming products designed to deliver superior and immersive gaming experiences. has a wide range of gaming computers to equip your station with, from entry-level systems to Dell’s best PCs for gaming.

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Essential gaming station components

Several components transform a standard computer into a first-rate gaming station.

Gaming PC
TGaming computers are built with components that can handle the processing-intensive demands of highly visual video games. They have the latest CPUs with fast clock speeds and powerful GPUs with lots of memory to help deliver fast and fluid gameplay. Those who game on the go don’t have to compromise their ability for mobility. Gaming laptops pack just as much power as their stationary counterpart, gaming towers. A gaming tower must connect to a monitor to be used; however, many gamers who use laptops still connect to displays to play on a larger screen.

These displays feature fast refresh rates (the number of times the screen is redrawn with new data each second) that help to eliminate issues like stuttering and screen tearing. Low response times (the time it takes for each pixel to change from black to white or different shades of gray) allow players to see action sooner on the screen so they can react a split-second faster. High-resolution and OLED monitors present gaming images and video with greater detail and clarity. Also, ultrawide and curved gaming monitors offer more immersive experiences that put gamers in the center of the action.

If you are serious about taking advantage of every second of the game, a reliable mouse is mandatory. A gaming mouse with features like quick clicking capabilities and programmable buttons allows players to compete more effectively.

A good gaming keyboard has optimal key travel – the depth that a key can be pressed – and programmable keys that let players optimize their playing style.

Headsets allow players to communicate easily with others in multiplayer games, which allows for more collaboration among remote gamers. Headsets enable gamers to experience the gaming environment as clear as possible and make it easier to hear every sound the way the game’s creators intended.

Building your gaming station with Dell

Gaming Stations

Dell gaming PCs help gamers find the right gaming station for their style of play. Whether you are a casual gamer that enjoys playing once a week or a professional that plays daily for hours – Dell can help you find the gaming PCs and accessories that fit your needs and preferences.

Alienware gaming computers
Alienware systems deliver the immersive experiences and exceptional performance that competitive gamers crave, with iconic designs, premium features, and advanced engineering.

Alienware Aurora is designed for desktop gaming enthusiasts, virtual reality experiences, and eSports environments. Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition is for desktop gamers who create. Both editions combine the latest processors with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and up to 128 GB HyperX™ DDR4 3200MHz RAM to deliver unparalleled performance.

Alienware laptops are built with unprecedented thermal innovations to prevent overheating. Gorgeously crafted for sensory level immersion, users get responsive displays with up to 360Hz refresh rate and the latest NVIDIA or AMD graphics technology.

G Series gaming computers
G Series gaming PCs combine incredible value with easy expandability. These systems also offer all the essentials needed for immersive gameplay and split-second responsiveness.

G Series gaming laptops are some of the most powerful gaming laptops from Dell. Featuring the latest Intel processors, NVMe solid-state drive with up to 1 TB of storage, a backlit keyboard, and much more. The thermal design delivers ample power while adapting to a changing system load to ensure that components can stay cooler for longer.

Gaming accessories
Both Alienware and Dell have top-notch gaming accessories to further elevate your gaming experience. Complete your gaming set up with gaming furniture, keyboards, mice, headsets, and more. Mice with the greatest amount of sensitivity enable you to respond faster. Similarly, gaming keyboards are light, responsive, and feature either NKRO or 6KRO for simultaneous keystrokes.

Alienware Command Center

Alienware Command Center gives you more control for a personalized and optimized gaming experience. With Alienware Command Center, you can achieve optimal overclocking to squeeze additional performance out quickly and safely of your system.

Alienware Command Center also allows for thermal management settings, and your entire game library can be managed from a single location. You can customize and power management profiles, customize audio settings, and adjust Alienware PC lighting and peripherals. AlienFX controls allow for a different level of customization.

Why choose Dell for gaming?

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Exceptional technical support
Dell technical support offers gamers 24/7 support to ensure that their gaming experience is seamless. You can also upgrade to additional levels of support that include proactive assistance, accidental damage coverage, software support, and international support.

Free shipping
Dell gaming desktops are shipped free of charge with standard delivery and no minimum purchase. Learn more.

The lowest price
Dell Price Match ensures you’ll get the lowest price for your gaming station. If you see a Dell system or an equivalent station advertised at a lower price online, Dell will match it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gaming station?
A gaming station is a computer system – including a computer tower, monitor, and peripherals –configured to deliver superior performance when playing video games. Dell products can help you build the gaming station you always imagined, whether for home, the office, or professional gaming purposes.

What are the benefits of a gaming station vs. a laptop?
While a laptop offers a more portable gaming experience, a gaming station can be more easily upgraded and customized to the needs of individual players and games. Dell products can help you create a gaming station that is even more affordable than many other actual gaming laptops on the market.