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Dominate the field with a superior gaming tower

Computer towers are the workhorses of the gaming world. Gaming towers come in a wide range of power and new features that are designed for the needs of intense gamers. Towers continue to be the form factor of choice for many gamers around the globe.

As a worldwide leader in gaming technology , Dell offers a broad range of gaming towers that make it easy for players to customize a gaming PC setup for their level of play and aesthetic preferences.

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Choosing between a gaming tower and a laptop

While laptops are more portable than desktops, a gaming tower provides several significant benefits.

Desktops are generally more upgrade friendly.  With gaming desktops, you have flexibility to add more RAM, a new GPU, or a bigger monitor to a gaming tower.

From overclocking your processor to modifying your cooling system, gaming towers offer many more options. The bigger chassis of gaming towers can allow for high-end components and better thermal conditions. Looking for configurations that can help elevate your system to a VR PC is also a key consideration for the modern gamer.

It’s difficult to compare the cost of gaming towers and laptops head to head. But overall, desktops tend to be somewhat less expensive – or provide more power for the same amount of money. 

Monitor choices
A gaming tower offers lots of choices in monitors – from Full HD displays and OLED monitors to ultrawide curved gaming monitors and 4K screens. A gaming tower allows for multi-display gaming setups.

Gaming towers from Dell

Dell provides several families of gaming stations, providing players at every level with the technology they need to explore new worlds and dominate the battle.
Gaming Towers

Alienware gaming towers
Alienware gaming towers are designed to give serious gamers everything they desire. Built for ultimate performance, Alienware towers feature an iconic visual with expressive curves and flowing surfaces. Alienware Aurora gaming towers feature up to 10-core processors with optional liquid-cool graphics and multiple upgrade options to achieve peak performance that lasts. Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition is built with 16-core AMD Ryzen™ overclockable processors to deliver a gaming tower that’s perfect for gamers who create. Alienware towers feature innovative graphics power, airflow, and cooling technology to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding gaming environments. Alienware is available as pre-built gaming PCs, with multiple configurations suiting various needs of gamers.

Improve your experience with Alienware Command Center

Alienware Command Center lets you fine-tune the settings on your games and gaming tower for more efficient and enjoyable gaming experiences. Take full control over your hardware and software environments, tailoring your settings for each and every game you play. Personalize your space and setup so your software looks and feels exactly how you want it. An easy-to-use interface links all your system settings with a gaming library, giving you easy access to your games and the ability to fine-tune settings for each one. For Alienware gaming towers, Alienware Command Center lets you create power management profiles that can be customized and assigned to specific games, and to control the lighting on your PC and compatible peripherals such as mice and keyboards.

Why choose Dell gaming?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gaming tower?
A gaming tower is a desktop computer that is built with specific components that make the device ideal for gaming.

What features are important in a gaming tower?
Because games involve a great deal of highly intense graphic content, the graphics card or GPU is probably the most important component in a gaming tower. Faster cards with more memory will enable a gaming tower to render images more clearly and motion more fluidly. A fast CPU is also important, as is a sufficient amount of RAM.