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Choosing the right home computer

When you’re shopping for a computer to use at home, you have an abundance of options. From the lightest laptops to the fastest desktops and the minimal footprint of an all-in-one computer, your choice for a home computer will depend on what you plan to do with it. Movies and online shopping? Email and word processing? Editing photos and family videos? There’s a home computer for every application.

Dell has a broad array of home computers to meet the needs of everyone in the household. And with reliable, exceptional performance and excellent customer service, you can be sure a Dell computer can meet every expectation.

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Which home computer is right for you?

The best way to choose a home computer is to consider the benefits of each type of device.

The best desktop computers have great functionality and lots of power. Desktops are easy to upgrade as your needs change. Desktops allow you to choose a monitor separately from the computer, giving you even more options for ways to interact with your device. They are also the most customizable PCs, making it easy to get a machine that suits your needs exactly. With these factors in mind, a desktop is a solid option for households that want more flexibility configuring their home computer set up without compromising processing power.

Mobility is the key benefit of laptops. Devices on the market today are smaller and lighter than ever, while still packing a lot of processing power and the latest graphics cards when necessary. Laptops are a great choice when you need a computer you can take with you or move between rooms at home. For family viewing, you can attach a larger monitor to a smaller laptop. Students and frequent travelers can benefit from the portability of a laptop.

All-in-ones reduce clutter and save space by packing all the computer components into a single, large-screen display. By connecting peripherals via Bluetooth, the best all-in-one computers offer single-cord connectivity that eliminates the usual tangle of cords. All-in-one computers feature large-screen displays that are great for watching movies or viewing multiple documents side-by-side. For those with limited space, all-in-ones offer a compact solution that enables households to tackle a wide range of tasks and activities.

Home computers from Dell

Home Computers

As an innovator in computers for home and work, Dell has several families of products that are great options for household computers.

XPS laptops and desktops are designed to deliver outstanding performance that lets you tackle system-intensive applications like video editing, HD video playback, and gaming at home. XPS ultra-HD laptops offer stunning InfinityEdge displays and are built with high-end materials that are meticulously chosen to balance weight, size, performance, and durability. XPS desktops are intelligently and purposely designed for maximal cooling and quiet operation, allowing these home computers to blend easily into your environment.

With an Inspiron desktop computer, All-in-One or laptop, you get a home computer that easily connects you to your world. Zip through tasks quickly and easily with the latest Intel Core processors and fast DDR4 memory. Enjoy reliable internet connection from anywhere in the house with 802.11 ac or 802.11 ax wireless technology . Optional NVIDIA graphics cards give games an extra punch. And easily connect to tablets, TVs, or large displays for video streaming, casual gaming, and immersive audio experiences.

Why choose a home computer from Dell?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home computer?
A home computer is simply a desktop, laptop, or all-in-one computer that is intended for use at home. Dell recommends a wide range of Inspiron and XPS computers for home.

What are the essential features of a home computer?
The features of the ideal home computer vary from residence to residence. Most users will want devices that fit easily and stylishly into a specific space in the home and let household members easily stream movies, edit photos and videos, play games and display multiple tabs or documents.