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IPS Monitors

Enjoy stunning visuals with an IPS monitor

IPS or In-Plane Switching technology provides a wide 178°/178° viewing angle, so users see impressive images with consistent color and image quality from virtually any angle.

Dell offers a wide range of IPS monitors in a variety of sizes and are an excellent choice for work that depends on color. Choose a Dell monitor with IPS technology and the work on your business computer your work to life.

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Advantages of an IPS monitor

Consistent image quality from wide viewing angles
IPS monitors offer a wide 178°/178° viewing angle. This enables users to see images consistently from the side, from above, and from below. This flexibility not only allows you to see the same picture from almost any perspective, but also helps when multiple viewers are gathered around the monitor.

Stable and ripple-free image quality
IPS technology is designed to keep the images on-screen stable. When you touch the screen, IPS monitors will not produce tails or ripple effect.

Exceptional color accuracy across a wide perspective
IPS monitors show uniform color temperature across the panel. This helps users see consistent color and brightness across a wide viewing angle. IPS technology is an excellent choice for work that depends on accurate color.

IPS monitors for work from Dell


Dell offers IPS technology across our monitor portfolio. These monitors are designed to work well with the best computers for business. Choose from our commercial range of monitors and boost productivity, wherever you work.

Top-tier Dell UltraSharp monitors are crafted with innovative features and design for the ultimate performance. Featuring best-in-class color and monitor technology, Dell UltraSharp and UltraSharp PremierColor monitors combine astonishing front-of-screen performance with high-resolution clarity and accurate color across a broad color gamut.

UltraSharp monitors deliver extraordinary color depth even at wide viewing angles. Stylish in design, these monitors complement are not just great for the office but can also be great home office monitors. They come with extensive connectivity options, productivity and comfort features. Users can select the display that matches their workload since a wide range of screen sizes (ex: ultrawide monitors) and resolution options (up to 8K) are available.

C Series
Dell C Series monitors are built for collaboration. Our video conferencing monitors feature a built-in IR camera for FHD conferencing, integrated speakers and mic allowing users to connect and collaborate from their desk, just like they’re there. Our range of large format monitors are built for group collaboration in conference rooms and presentation settings. These monitors  feature interactive touch technology. C series also has options for touch screen monitors for further collaboration.

P Series
Enhance work performance with Dell P Series monitors. These monitors feature IPS technology for impressive visuals. Dell P Series monitors also deliver the impressive visuals and consistent color users expect from an IPS monitor. Packed with productivity-focused features for those who are looking to increase their workload or handle multiple projects at a time. A three-sided ultrathin bezel design ensures an uninterrupted view across multiple screens, increasing productivity for users who use two monitors together.

E Series
Built to handle everyday business requirements, Dell E Series monitors offer great value with essential features to help drive business efficiency. These dependable, energy-efficient monitors come in a range of sizes, from 35.56cm (14 inch) to 68.58cm (27 inch). Select E Series monitors feature IPS panel technology while keeping on budget.

Why Dell for Monitors?

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Proven reliability
Dell monitors are built with an unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Multifaceted support
Enjoy peace of mind with the commitment to quality, reliability and service that you expect from Dell — demonstrated through an exhaustive testing regimen, and backed by outstanding service and support:

  • Dell business monitors come 3-year Advanced Exchange Service so that if a replacement becomes necessary, it will be shipped to you the next business day during your 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty.
  • Dell Premium Panel Exchange allows a free monitor replacement during the warranty period, even if only one bright pixel is found.
  • Get a higher level of support with ProSupport for monitors. This program includes 24x7 access to ProSupport engineers for setup, configuration, troubleshooting, and more, as well as next business day Advanced Exchange.
Eco-conscious design
Dell monitors are designed with the environment in mind and meet the latest regulatory and environmental standards, such as EnergyStar®, EPEAT® and TCO certified displays.

Users can save energy when the monitor is not in use with PowerNap, a feature that dims or puts the Dell monitor to sleep when it’s not in use.

Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our 2030 Social Impact goals here, and our product’s carbon footprint here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IPS monitor?
An IPS monitor is an LCD computer display that uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology rather than Twisted Nematic (TN) or Vertical Alignment (VA) technology to illuminate pixels. This is advantageous to those who work with color since IPS technology allows for a new level of color accuracy and consistency and minimizes color shift/contrast issues that face other monitors.

What are the benefits of an IPS monitor? 

  • IPS monitors present images with superior color and wider viewing angles.
  • Color remains consistent no matter what angle a user views an IPS monitor from. The result is clearer and crisper images with vibrant colors, resulting in a better viewer experience.
  • IPS monitors can support more professional and advanced color space technologies.

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