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Mobile Workstations

The benefits of a mobile workstation

While the quality of laptops continues to improve, certain applications run best on a mobile workstation. Designed with greater processing power, accelerated graphic cards, scalable storage, and faster memory, these devices provide exceptional power for processing-intensive software. Applications for engineering, 3D rendering, video editing, VR, and machine learning will run far more efficiently on a laptop built specifically for those uses.

Precision is Dell's most powerful line of workstations, available in towers, racks, and mobile devices. With a Precision mobile workstation, power users, designers, and creators can put more power, speed, and reliability behind their biggest ideas.

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Why choose a mobile workstation?

Mobile workstations provide significant advantages over desktop workstations or laptop computers.

Power and portability
Mobile workstations combine the portability of a laptop with the performance of a desktop workstation. For workers who need heavy-duty computing power in the field or on the go, these devices are the most efficient solution. Mobile devices allow healthcare professionals to have computing tools and medical imaging at their fingertips as they move throughout the hospital. Engineers working with CAD applications can take their devices into meetings and onto job sites. And financial analysts crunching massive data sets can take their computers with them as they travel about town or across the country.

More powerful than a laptop
Portable workstations are built with professional components that enable faster performance, tighter security, and greater reliability. These devices are equipped with the hardware and software to handle massive data sets. They can also run powerful applications for 3D rendering, AR/VR and AI, virtualized HPC, and other processing- and graphics-intensive workloads.

For example, professional-grade graphics cards will significantly improve the performance and render time of 3D graphics applications. Faster CPUs with multiple processor cores allow applications for CAD, animation, and digital content creation to respond more quickly. More powerful processors also enable faster virtualized, high-performance computing and provide a more fluid experience for designers and engineers. Larger amounts of RAM and ultra-fast solid-state drives allow users to run multiple applications at once without suffering degradation in performance. And larger amounts of storage enable users to load, process, and analyze massive data sets.

Ultimate reliability
The best mobile workstations are built with technology and premium materials that ensure greater durability and more reliable performance. RAID-capable systems offer greater levels of data redundancy and/or faster performance. Error-correcting code (ECC) memory automatically detects and corrects up to 99.9998% of memory errors, enabling sensitive scientific and arithmetic calculations to continue uninterrupted. And a rigorous testing process ensures higher levels of performance and reliability by testing for optimal airflow, thermal performance, and durability of internal components.

Mobile workstations from Dell

Portable Workstations

As a leading workstation brand in the world, Precision laptops are built with groundbreaking innovation to deliver intelligent performance and mission- critical reliability for key industry applications. With award-winning designs, innovative security solutions, and the latest graphics cards, processors, and storage, Dell Precision devices are among the most powerful and reliable workstations in the industry. The Precision family includes:

3000 Series
These cost-effective, entry-level workstations are designed for business application users and users running 2D and entry 3D CAD.

5000 series
These thin and light workstations are among the world's thinnest mobile workstations with built-in AI. They come with 16:10 aspect ratio InfinityEdge displays, with up to +UHD, as well as Touch options.

7000 series
The most powerful systems available with AI, these devices feature VR-ready and AI-ready solutions. These are considered "true desktop replacements" because of their scalability and performance capabilities.

Features of Precision workstations

Precision mobile workstations are built for: 

  • Intelligent performance. Precision workstations keep applications running smoothly with extensive high-performance memory. Super-fast data transfers accelerate application performance. The latest Intel Core® and Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® graphics cards deliver exceptional power. Dell Optimizer for Precision software uses AI-based technologies to learn how you work and tune your machine to provide the best performance.
  • Immersive productivity. 4K, HDR, and InfinityEdge displays deliver amazing picture quality. Dell PremierColor technology features 100% Adobe and DCI-P3 color gamuts. The award-winning design offers amazing acoustics, heat-reducing thermals, and hot-plug capabilities.
  • Mission-critical reliability. Precision workstations are rigorously tested to earn ISV certifications. ECC memory and Reliable Memory Technology Pro software help reduce memory errors by identifying, fixing, or quarantining bad memory sectors. And RAID capabilities ensure greater data availability.
In addition to Precision, Dell offers several families of business laptops and laptop tablets. Designed to deliver performance and productivity, Latitude devices may be Dell's best laptops for business and personal use. And with an ideal balance of features and support, Vostro devices are Dell's best business laptop for small businesses. Offering up to 14 hours of battery life, XPS laptops are excellent options for professionals on the go.

Why choose a Dell workstation?

Why Dell Laptops

Workstations for every industry
Precision workstations are used across a broad array of industries, including manufacturing and engineering, media and entertainment, oil, and gas, as well as economics and financial services. A Precision workstation makes an excellent laptop for engineers running CAD applications or a laptop for finance professionals crunching massive sets of data.

Dell Optimizer for Precision
Dell Optimizer is a built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way users work. Optimizer enables a seamless experience with fewer disruptions by automatically improving application performance, battery run-time, and audio settings in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile workstation?
A mobile workstation is a portable computer that is designed to run applications that require higher performance, greater reliability, and stronger security. Mobile workstations typically utilize faster processors, the latest graphics cards, more RAM, and the fastest storage technology.

Why choose a mobile workstation vs. a desktop workstation?
Some users require access to computing resources on job sites, on the road, or away from a standard office. A mobile workstation provides exceptional computing power in a device that users can take anywhere. Desktop workstations may be a better option for those looking to upgrade the hard drive or memory without needing to purchase a new device.

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