Remote Desktop Solutions

Remote Desktops Enable Workforce Transformation

In today's dynamic work-from-everywhere environment, supporting remote employees remains crucial including ensuring your business needs digital workspaces and telecommuting solutions are optimized for performance, cost-effectiveness and security. Remote desktop technology meets this need by supporting any time/anywhere collaboration, maintaining security and increasing efficiency while reducing costs.
Dell Technologies empowers remote workforces with next-generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions that empower teams to be productive anywhere. With Dell’s remote IT solutions, your remote workers and teams can run applications or full desktops anywhere, on any device, to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Validated Designs for VDI from Dell

Dell Technologies remote IT solutions deliver workforce transformation by delivering productivity tools and telecommuting solutions in familiar environments without compromising user experiences or security. With Dell’s hosted desktop infrastructure, your data remains protected behind your corporate firewall, ensuring security without sacrificing performance.
Our flexible, engineering-validated designs enable you to spend less time and fewer resources procuring, deploying, testing and supporting your ever-changing remote desktop environment.

The Real-World Benefits of a Remote Desktop Virtual Workspace

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  • Simplified Deployment and Maintenance. With the OS, applications and data in the cloud, Dell’s remote desktop solution enables real-time updates with dynamic customization to dramatically reduce the complexity of workforce management.
  • Faster, Low-Cost Support. Centralized maintenance of remote IT devices enables faster resolution of problems, lowers costs and promotes a productive and happy mobile workforce.
  • Improved Security and Compliance. With remote desktop solutions, there is no local installation. No corporate data ever needs to leave the data center. Centralized audit and control simplify and improve data security and regulatory compliance of your workforce portal.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity. Access powerful new environments and new applications with the click of a mouse to leverage faster processing, new solutions and other workforce innovations.

Success as a Service

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With Dell Technologies Services, you’ll get expert strategic guidance and hands-on capabilities for your remote IT initiatives to achieve rapid success on your terms.

  • Consulting Services. From assessment to development to deployment, our experts blend proven methodologies with tailored solutions to build a remote desktop infrastructure that delivers value today and tomorrow.
  • Deployment Services. Nothing streamlines a remote IT deployment like highly experienced technicians. You’ll be up and running faster than you can say ROI, keeping you and your team focused on the big picture.
  • Support Services. Tap into intelligent, predictive, automated PC support to save time and reduce stress for IT and end-users.
  • Managed Services. Reduce cost, complexity and risk with comprehensive solutions for backup, storage, converged infrastructure, VMware, AI, big data, VDI and more, all with guaranteed service levels.
  • Education Services. Empower your team with the training and certifications to lead and execute workforce innovation strategies that drive genuine competitive advantage for the business.
  • Cloud Services. Gain agility, scalability and savings with a fully integrated multicloud platform that is purpose-built to run your mission-critical applications across remote IT infrastructure.

Increase Work Satisfaction & Productivity with Remote Workforce Solutions


Give your mobile workforce remote desktop and telecommuting solutions that free them to work their way.

  • Inspire and empower them with innovative technologies and tools.
  • Deliver those technologies ready to go to the front doors of those who work from home.
  • Provide a high-performance network that moves as fast as they think.
  • Enable natural, uninterrupted communication and collaboration.
  • Let them easily access files and data from any device with total security.

Any Device or Application, Anywhere, Anytime

Dell QuickStart Bundles for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) make it easy to deploy virtual remote desktops faster than ever. Unleash your remote workforce to deliver next-level productivity with perfectly matched and pre-configured high-performance remote IT technology.

Why Dell Succeeds at Remote Desktop Infrastructure

Many of the Dell Technologies global team works remotely, some from home. We had to break through a lot of challenges to make it happen, then poured all those lessons learned into our comprehensive range of remote work solutions. Think about what you’ll be able to accomplish by bringing more experience to your digital workplace implementation.

  • Be up to date on the latest remote work trends and security threats.
  • Get the most out of leading-edge remote desktop technologies.
  • Meet your organization’s needs and goals with a broad array of innovative products and services.
  • Learn to identify work styles to custom tailor each remote worker’s virtual workspace.
  • Enable a productive and secure digital workplace.

Remote Desktop FAQs

A remote desktop is a program that enables users to connect to computers anywhere in the world or control multiple devices from a single PC. This technology allows users to connect to a remote computer and use its desktop as if they were actually sitting in front of the device. Remote desktop infrastructure allows users to access their desktop in the office when working from home or to connect to a home computer while on the road.

Virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, is a remote IT virtualization solution that provides users with a desktop experience and access to applications and files via a virtual desktop operating system (OS). VDI allows workers to use any endpoint device to access a virtual desktop over the internet. In contrast to remote desktop technology, VDI solutions do not access a specific device but rather provide a desktop experience from a central server.

As a telecommuting solution, remote desktop and VDI technologies enable employees working outside the office to access all the software and productivity tools they would normally use on a desktop computer at work. These solutions also improve security for data and files that employees access when working remotely. Because VDI and remote desktops can be centrally managed from one location, they help reduce the administrative burden on IT teams who are charged with securing and managing devices for an increasingly remote workforce. And by enabling users to access corporate resources with their own devices, remote desktop software also helps to reduce technology expense.

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