Server Management

Simplify and automate server management with Dell

Server management is one of the most complex challenges for IT teams in businesses both large and small. From deploying servers and managing patches to tracking, configuring, and testing changes, the sheer volume of routine tasks involved in server management can overwhelm even seasoned IT pros.

Automated server management solutions from Dell help to minimize the complexity of IT infrastructure. Providing intuitive tools that seamlessly work together, the Dell Open Manage portfolio of server management solutions provides automated, repeatable processes that significantly reduce the burden of managing IT.


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The challenges of manual server management

IT teams managing a small business server will inevitably spend a great deal of time on routine but important tasks.

Resolving issues
When a network server, backup server, or application server goes down, the results can be disastrous for the business. IT administrators log a lot of hours working to prevent downtime or to bring servers back online as quickly as possible.

Managing devices
Administrators must manage an array of physical and virtual devices, installing component-level drivers, managing software applications, and configuring devices to make sure that everything is working properly.

Applying updates and patches
As software and hardware evolve, updates and patches must be continually implemented to ensure that servers run smoothly and that threats and issues can be avoided.

Installing applications
New applications must be configured properly to ensure they are available for users and integrated with other IT resources.

Ensuring compliance
IT teams must take specific steps to ensure data privacy and integrity and to manage response after a data breach occurs.

Monitoring security
Administrators must also be sure that all security measures and protocols are up-to-date.

Tame server management complexity with Dell OpenManage


PowerEdge servers are the world’s best-selling portfolio of servers for businesses of every size . Dell OpenManage solutions help IT administrators discover, monitor, manage, update, and deploy PowerEdge infrastructure. Designed to support a continually evolving IT environment, the OpenManage portfolio simplifies and automates all aspects of server management.

OpenManage provides intuitive tools that work together to deliver automated, repeatable processes. With OpenManage server management solutions, IT teams can:

  • Improve productivity by managing server operations with less effort.
  • Manage servers in virtual, physical, local, and remote environments.
  • Integrate automation tools across the entire server portfolio.
  • Simplify access by unifying management tasks.
  • Enjoy greater visibility of server performance, with modern, intuitive interfaces that display real-time health and status of server infrastructure and enable IT teams to see the whole data center with one click.
  • Respond quickly and flexibly when issues arise.

Simplify integration. Optimize power. Monitor mobile devices.

The Dell OpenManage portfolio includes:

OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Center
OpenManage for VMware enables users to manage servers through the vCenter console. This program is available in six languages and functions as an agent-free plug-in.

OpenManage Enterprise Modular
OpenManage Enterprise is a simple yet comprehensive server management solution for businesses with growing data centers.

VMware Cloud Management
Dell has a suite of six programs built to administer and manage an entire vSphere infrastructure from a single location. These solutions offer methods for improving efficiency, visibility, and control for both cloud and hybrid infrastructure environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is server management?
Server management is the task of deploying, monitoring, managing, updating, and troubleshooting servers in a data center or small business IT environment.

What is Dell OpenManage?
Dell OpenManage is a portfolio of tools to simplify and automate the management of Dell PowerEdge servers.

What are the benefits of OpenManage?
With Dell OpenManage, IT pros can automate routine tasks to reduce the administrative burden of server management. OpenManage provides greater visibility into the health and status of servers throughout the organization and simplifies integration in connection with third-party systems management solutions.