Student Laptops

Accelerate learning with student laptops

Laptop computers are remarkable learning tools for students at every level of K-12 education. Offering access to a wealth of applications and online resources, student laptops may be one of the most powerful technologies in education today.

Whether you are a K-12 student or a college sophomore, the right student laptop can make you more productive, save you time, and make it easier to work with students and communicate with teachers. The best student laptops are ones that can perform, are affordable, and are also portable.

Dell offers a wide range of student laptops and accessories to support educational outcomes for your student. With Dell XPS and Inspiron laptops, students can work and learn more productively whether studying in the classroom, collaborating with classmates, or engaged in remote learning at home

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are student laptops?
Student laptops are personal computing devices that provide the tools students need to learn more easily, efficiently, and productively. Laptops should have the latest processors, at least 8GB of memory, and a minimum of 256GB of storage, but may require more depending on the age and workload of the student.

What are the essential features of student laptops?
Student laptops provide a wide range of features and benefits, depending on the academic level of the student. A range of connectivity options is important in a student laptop. A touchscreen device enables easier collaboration and more intuitive interaction with a laptop. For students working with photos, video, and artwork, higher-resolution screens with true color representation are a plus. Dell recommends Inspiron and XPS laptops for students.