Touch Screen Monitors

Boost efficiency with a touch screen monitor

When you want to allow users to work efficiently, consider the benefits of a touch screen monitor. Displays with touch capabilities give users another way to interact with content.

As a worldwide leader in monitor technology, Dell offers a portfolio of touch screen monitors to serve a variety of business needs.

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Why use a touch screen monitor?

Touch screen monitors are becoming standard equipment in a broad range of industries from the financial sector to retail, restaurants, and many others. Displays with touch technology offer a host of benefits to employees and customers alike.

Efficient productivity
Workers with a touchscreen can often input commands and manipulate screen content quickly and easily.

Easy collaboration
Whether working with colleagues or collaborating with guests and clients, a touch screen monitor allows everyone to interact with content on the screen without requiring a keyboard and mouse.

Streamlined interface
Using a touch screen monitor at point-of-sale or in a public area can help to save space and significantly simplify the equipment needed for users to interact with content.

Touch screen monitors from Dell

Touch Screen Monitors

C Series Monitors

Dell Large monitors simplify collaboration and presentations with touch screen monitors in sizes up to 86 inches. These interactive monitors are perfect for conference rooms and boardrooms, making it easy for users to annotate, collaborate and whiteboard content with built-in features and software.
Crisp text and vivid images capture audience attention as users interact with onscreen content through a simple touch of the hand or swipe of a stylus, with virtually zero lag.

Features of a Dell large format monitor with touch technology include:
  • Compatibility with a variety of hardware and software 
  • Easy deployment that can be accomplished in a few painless steps with a couple of extra hands
  • Remote management features when monitors relate to RS232 and RJ45 interfaces
  • A wide range of options for connectivity, including HDMI monitor options

P Series Monitors

Dell P Series monitors give users the opportunity to work efficiently without sacrificing comfort. Designed to help boost worker productivity, a P Series touch screen monitor features an anti-glare screen that reduces distracting reflections and fingerprints. Users are able to intuitively use the monitor through a 10-point touch feature that deliver a natural and responsive experience.

Why Choose Dell for Monitors?


As a monitor technology leader, Dell displays are designed to address and overcome workplace challenges and obstacles, both today and tomorrow. Dell remains committed to understanding what businesses need and how our monitors can improve operations, productivity, and collaboration.

Proven reliability
Dell monitors are built with an unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Multifaceted Support
Small businesses rely on their technology, and Dell is committed to providing support if issues arise:

  • Dell Premium Panel Exchangeallows a free monitor replacement during the Limited Hardware Warrantyperiod, even if there is only a single broken pixel.
  • Get a higher level of support with ProSupport for monitors. This program includes 24x7 access to ProSupportengineers for set-up, configuration, troubleshooting, and more, as well as next business day Advanced Exchange.
Eco-conscious design

Dell monitors are designed with the environment in mind and meet the latest regulatory and environmental standards. Designed with the environment in mind, Dell commercial monitors come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our 2030 Social Impact goals here, and our product’s carbon footprint here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business touch screen monitor?
A touch screen monitor for business is a computer monitor that allows users to touch the screen to input commands or move the cursor.

What are the benefits of a touch screen on business monitors?
In work settings, touch screen monitors let users interact more intuitively and quickly with content on the screen. Touch screen technology makes collaboration easier, as multiple people can interact with one monitor without needing a mouse or keyboard. Monitors equipped with touch are preferred by users over monitors without touch. And a touch display can help to save space on desktops and counters while streamlining the way that users interact with the device.