Tower Servers

Simplify data management with PowerEdge tower servers

Tower servers are the ideal building blocks for small business IT environments. Tower servers resemble traditional PC towers, they are both are housed in an upright cabinet. However, tower servers are equipped with multiple drives and processing power that can handle various computing and storage tasks.

Tower server technology is also known for being cost-efficient and easier to manage and upgrade, especially when compared to rack and blade servers. Organizations often use tower servers because they are easily scalable, as well.

The PowerEdge portfolio of business servers includes towers in a wide range of sizes, from mini-towers to rack-capable platforms. An excellent option for a small business server, a PowerEdge tower offers the ideal performance, versatility, and quiet operations for small and remote or branch offices.


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The benefits of tower servers

IT teams can choose from a range of tower servers designed to handle a wide variety of tasks and applications. Some businesses may be interested in a reliable server that can allow for increased collaboration in a remote team. At the same time, other organizations may be more focused on secure data storage for sensitive intellectual property.

For small-to-medium-sized IT environments, tower servers offer several advantages over rack or blade servers.

Affordable deployment
Tower servers are among the most affordable servers because they are comprised of fewer components. This allows businesses to invest in server technology more efficiently. A tower server is a logical choice for small businesses hoping to keep costs down while still getting the server technology they require.

Easy customization
With a hardware configuration that resembles a PC, tower servers can be customized and upgraded as computing and storage needs evolve. Whether you set up in a small office or a mid-sized facility, this kind of capability helps businesses remain flexible and adaptable.

Optimum cooling
The low overall component density of tower servers enables the hardware to be cooled more easily. This is important because servers work better when cooled, and overheating can affect the lifespan of both network and tower servers.

Simple scalability
Small business IT teams can scale IT capability by adding a tower server or two without affecting existing servers. For a growing small or medium-sized business, this ease of scalability is crucial as projects grow in both size and scope.

Tower servers from Dell Technologies


PowerEdge tower servers are designed to address the challenges of modern IT environments effectively. Towers offer quiet, non-disruptive acoustics and compact form factors. Two-socket configurations (where each socket supports a server processor) enable advanced computing, virtualization, and power-hungry workloads. One-socket configurations are geared for managing everyday business applications.

While a tower server is a relatively small server , it is capable of supporting a wide range of IT workloads including:

  • File sharing, print, mail, and messaging
  • Point-of-sale transactions
  • Collaboration, sharing, and database applications
  • Web serving, server consolidation, and virtualization
  • Business Intelligence, ERP, and HPC

Minimize IT complexity

PowerEdge towers are easy to set up and manage, allowing IT administrators to focus on strategic priorities for growing business. Employees can be free to address other tasks and responsibilities that help the company survive, grow, and evolve.

Enhance collaboration
Tower servers address typical business workloads, enabling employees to collaborate more easily in the workplace and across remote offices. This is even more critical because remote work is more popular than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tower server do?
Tower servers manage centralized computing and enable other devices and users to access files, email, web content, applications, and other computing resources.

Tower server vs rack server
Both are ideal for businesses that require no more than three servers. Towers are cost-effective, simple to maintain, and easy to customize. Rack servers are designed to be deployed in a server rack, where multiple servers can be stacked vertically and can share common networking and power resources.

Rack servers provide more processing power and storage capacity in a limited footprint while making it easy for IT administrators to manage connections and maintain the system. A rack server is more likely to be used as a dedicated server, such as a web server, application server, or backup server.