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Workstation Computers

Power heavy-duty workloads with a workstation computer

From 3D modeling and CAD applications to video editing and data analysis, there are some workloads that a standard business computer simply can’t handle. That is when a workstation is an ideal choice. A workstation is a high-performance PC built with more powerful processors, faster memory, larger drives, and durable components to deliver the power required for demanding graphic-intensive applications.

Precision workstations come in mobile and desktop form factors. With more than 20 years of innovation, Precision workstations provide the performance, speed, and reliability that users need to handle the largest data sets and bring their creative ideas to life

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What makes a workstation?

Workstations are built with components that go beyond the typical PC. They are designed to handle the heavy workloads of high-performance computing.

Powerful processors
Workstations are built with faster multi-thread and multi-core processors to handle the demands of running multiple applications in computer-aided design (CAD), data analysis, animation, and digital content creation.

Faster graphics cards
The latest professional graphics cards in a workstation deliver the performance and quality required for 3D rendering, CAD applications, and video editing - on up to emerging technologies like VR, AR, and AI.

More memory
Workstations are built with more RAM to prevent bottlenecks when processing large amounts of information. They also offer Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, which fixes single-bit memory errors for another layer of reliability. Dell provides Reliable Memory Technology Pro (RMT Pro) on top of ECC memory, helping to prevent blue screens.

Larger drives
To handle massive amounts of data, workstation computers come with larger storage drives. SSD drives offer faster data transfer rates and higher reliability. RAID is also available on many workstations to help ensure your data is available.

Precision fixed workstation computers

Precision tower and rack workstations are built to handle the most demanding applications across a variety of industries.

Built for performance
With the latest processors, graphics cards, and scalable memory and storage options, Dell tower and desktop workstations deliver the performance and reliability required for business-critical workloads. Precision computers are ideal as CAD workstations and for financial modeling, video editing, oil and gas simulation, and 3D rendering.

Multiple form factors
Precision workstation computers are available in form factors that range from ultrasmall to a mini-tower, to a standard tower computer, with two rack options (1U and 2U).

Proven reliability
Precision workstations are tested and certified by leading software application providers. Built for durability and rigorously tested, workstation computers from Dell offer exceptional reliability. Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro software works with ECC memory to identify, fix or quarantine bad memory sectors, further reducing downtime.

Ready for emerging technology
Precision devices offer capabilities that drive emerging technologies like VR and AR.

Precision Mobile Workstations

As an innovator of workstations globally, Dell offers reliable and customizable mobile workstations for professional applications. Available in 15-inch and 17-inch screen sizes, Precision mobile workstations incorporate a new premium design and professional-level components to power the most demanding workloads. Similar to a traditional laptop, mobile workstations are ideal for those who require more intense computing while on the move. Engineers and architects who often work on location will benefit from a computer that does not compromise processing capability for mobility.

Precision comes in several series of mobile workstations.

3000 Series
These entry-level, cost-effective workstations offer reliability and performance at an affordable price.

5000 Series
These devices are among the smallest and lightest workstations available, featuring InfinityEdge displays, carbon fiber palm rests, and aluminum covers. They look stunning and are great for creative applications, such as Adobe Creative.

7000 Series
These devices are the most powerful mobile workstations and feature VR-ready and AI-ready solutions. When you need tower workstation-like performance on the go, these are the systems of choice.

In addition to workstation computers, Dell offers a wide range of desktop computing options, including all-in-one desktops, business laptops, and more.

Why customers choose Dell workstations

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Expert support
Dell ProSupport provides the expert technical assistance that lets businesses stay focused on strategy rather than IT management and troubleshooting. In-region ProSupport engineers are available on-site, online, and on the phone to help resolve issues quickly. A single phone call connects you to the hardware and software support you need, along with assistance with third-party suppliers. Proactive alerts and automatic case creation let ProSupport experts start working on problems before you make the first contact.

Free shipping
Every Precision workstation computer ships free of charge, and returning your purchase is easy within 30 days. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a workstation computer?
A workstation computer is a computer built to handle the heavy demands of specific processing-intensive applications. Workstations have faster processors and memory, the latest graphics cards, and larger storage drives to handle massive amounts of data. Workstation computers are also built with more durable components for greater uptime.

What are the benefits of a workstation computer?
A workstation computer enables users in many industries to tackle heavy-duty workloads that would take too long on standard commercial PCs or that would cause those devices to fail.

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