2.12 – Democratizing the Manufacturing Industry

“Digital” and “manufacturing” are not two words you’ll often see in the same sentence. But, creating the convergence between them is at the heart of what Xometry, a Dell Tech Capital company, is up to.
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In this episode:

  • What the heck is Xometry? (01:00)
  • The old vs. new worlds of manufacturing (02:25)
  • Benefits of an agnostic attitude towards suppliers (03:50)
  • Types of projects, like BMW Z4 parts, delivered by Xometry (04:26)
  • Reducing suppliers while expanding capabilities (05:03)
  • What happens when a natural disaster strikes where a supplier factory resides? (06:07)
  • Applying AI and ML to an age-old process (08:51)
  • Democratic access to suppliers, globally (11:21)
  • Injection molding, explained by a n00b (11:54)
  • Sustainability as a forethought, not an afterthought (12:35)
  • Maximizing the capacity of the world to build ideas, big and small (14:43)

By this point, most industries have experienced some sort of digital revolution. As evidenced by this year’s Digital Transformation Index, no one wants to be a “digital laggard.” But, some industries have shown up a little later to the party; manufacturing included. One particulary company, Xometry, has taken on that challenge. By creating an online platform for businesses and individuals to request manufacture of a particular part or product and simultaneously curating a collection of suppliers, Xometry is expediting the traditional manufacturing process, exponentially.

This week, host Kelly Lynch chats with Bill Cronin, Chief Revenue Officer for Xometry, to learn more about the company and what makes them truly unique. You’ll walk away this week with a better understanding of the manufacturing industry, why digitization has created an even bigger pie for suppliers and customers alike, and why distributed access to these types of technologies results in better outcomes for all.

“There hasn't been a company that created the digital way to make parts across a wide range of industries.”

— Bill Cronin, CRO, Xometry

Guest List

  • Kelly Lynch is the host and producer of The Next Horizon podcast as part of the B2B Messaging, Thought Leadership team at Dell Technologies.
  • Bill Cronin is the Chief Revenue Officer for Xometry.