VIDEO: The practical reality of GenAI

A discussion with Tigon Advisory CEO Helen Yu and Mindy Cancila, VP of corporate strategy for Dell Technologies

The companies that harness generative AI are the companies we believe are going to disrupt the industries. They’re going to drive new revenue streams, they’re going to seek new opportunities for operational excellence, and they are going to have a resulting increased productivity.”

— Mindy Cancila, VP of corporate strategy, Dell Technologies

Although AI has been around for years, the storm that is generative AI is relatively new. In this video interview between tech industry thought leader and strategist Helen Yu and Dell Technologies’ Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Mindy Cancila, they discuss the future of GenAI, what’s real, what could be hype and how to responsibly approach GenAI solutions within your own organization.

From Yu: “Envision a world defined by more intelligence and less artificiality. As we progress towards this ideal, Generative AI stands as a beacon of this transformation. My conversation with Mindy offers a glimpse into how Dell is navigating this dynamic landscape, with Generative AI serving as a pivotal catalyst. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking discussions, insights, and updates on the remarkable potential of Generative AI and its influence on the future.”

This content is part of the GenAI Expert Series that aims to untangle the hype from the reality of GenAI with practical discussions on how to approach its application within your organization. To learn more about how to create a data-driven innovation process, click here.

In this video:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 2:27 – What is GenAI
  • 6:55 – Getting started with strategic integration of AI
  • 11:38 – Dell’s approach to AI
  • 15:26 – Hardware optimization for AI workloads
  • 19:09 – Data privacy and partnerships
  • 24:37- Collaborations and partnerships
  • 26:04 – Key strategic aims
  • 27:27 – Emerging technologies
  • 29:52 – Conclusion

Guest list:

Helen Yu

Helen Yu is the founder and CEO of Tigon Advisory and WSJ Best Selling Author. She drives growth for tech companies from start-ups to global titans like Oracle and Adobe, and helps CEOs achieve multibillion-dollar revenue growth and record profitability. She’s a board advisor to fast-growth SaaS companies and is on the board of the Global Cybersecurity Association. She’s a top Twitter influencer with a 10M+ weekly reach and was ranked a Top 10 thought leader by Thinkers 360, and a top 10 digital transformation influencer by IBM. She’s spoken at SXSW, TiECon, DMS, and Money2020. An avid adventurer who trekked to Mt. Everest base camp and ice-climbed glaciers, her book Ascend Your Start-up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth won first place at the New York book festival, Firebird award and first place in Entrepreneurship & Small Businesses at American book festival in addition to achieving WSJ Best Seller. Helen’s CXO Spice Talk podcast is named as the top 70 podcast to listen to in 2022.

Mindy Cancila

Mindy Cancila re-joined Dell Technologies in 2022 as Vice President, Strategy & Growth Activation. She spent six years with Dell earlier in her career, focused on business and technology strategies for Dell’s multi-billion-dollar enterprise storage business as well as Dell’s private cloud strategy for the Enterprise Product Group. She then spent eight years at Gartner covering compute and storage platforms, datacenter and cloud networking solutions and Edge technologies. Her current focus as part of Dell’s Corporate Strategy Office is developing strategies in growth vectors. Mindy has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management from Oklahoma State University and resides in Austin, Texas.