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Intel® Core™ Processors


Teradici Cloud Access Software

When it comes to remote work; security and user experience are inseparable. Teradici Cloud Access Software is the trusted high-performance remote desktop solution that enables enterprises to easily deliver graphics-intensive Windows and Linux applications from Dell Precision workstations to any device, anywhere. Built on industry-leading PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software provides the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity to meet the needs of even the most demanding environments. 

Teradici HMC

Cloud Access Software is available through a Cloud Access Plus plan, which also includes Cloud Access Manager brokering and provisioning service, PCoIP Management Console to monitor and manage PCoIP Zero Clients, and 24 x 7 professional support from Teradici.


Securely deliver high-performance workstations to artists, designers, and engineers requiring even the most graphics-intensive applications.

Data never leaves your Dell Precision workstation as the PCoIP protocol compresses and encrypts the desktop and only transfers pixels to endpoints.
Teradici Cloud Access Software

Enable a highly responsive remote desktop experience with color-accurate, lossless and distortion-free graphics.

Improve user productivity and enable remote access to computing resources from anywhere and any device.

Why Teradici

Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP® remote display protocol, which delivers virtual desktops and workstations from the data center or public cloud to end users with the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity. Leading media, design, financial and government organizations trust Teradici technology and have deployed to more than 15 million users around the world. 

Dell offers Teradici Cloud Access Software with the Cloud Access Plus plan and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards. Cloud Access Software provides the high-performance user experience and security our PCoIP Remote Workstation Card customers have enjoyed for years, but with additional flexibility and performance. The following table will help you choose the right solution for your environment.

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards Cloud Access Software
(Cloud Access Plus plan)
PCoIP Ultra™ protocol enhancements Not supported Supported
GPU Requirements Wide range of GPUs supported NVIDIA - professional and consumer GPUs
Display Resolution Up to 4K/UHD (4K/UHD with limitations) Up to 4K/UHD
High Frame Rate Support • Dual HD 1920x1080 up to 60 fps
• Dual 2560x1600 up to 60 fps
• 4K/UHD up to 15 fps at 30 Hz refresh rate
• Dual HD 1920x1080 up to 60 fps
• Dual 2560x1600 up to 60 fps
• Dual 4K/UHD full screen up to 30 fps
Max Number of Displays Tera 2220: 2 displays
Tera 2240: 4 displays
4 displays
Supported on Virtualized Platforms (e.g. VMware ESXi) Not supported Yes
Supported on Public Clouds No Yes
Wacom Tablet Compatibility Wide range of Wacom tablets supported on high-latency networks when connecting to Linux hosts Wide range of Wacom tablets supported on high-latency networks when connecting to Windows and/or Linux hosts
Teradici Cloud Access Manager Broker secure connections with multi-factor authentication - offsite access with VPN required Broker secure connections with multi-factor authentication and offsite access without VPN endpoint complexity
PCoIP Zero Client Compatibility Yes (e.g. Dell 5030) Yes (e.g. Dell 5030)
Thin client and PCoIP Software Client Compatibility Single monitor and no USB Up to 4 monitors and supports USB


PCoIP Zero Clients (e.g. Dell 5030), Thin Clients (e.g. Dell ThinOS PCoIP Thin Clients), Teradici Software Clients for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets are all supported.
The PCoIP protocol was specifically designed to deliver interactive applications. It is a multi-codec solution that dynamically adapts, encodes and delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience regardless of network conditions. PCoIP Ultra™, which includes our latest protocol enhancements, propels our industry–recognized performance into the future of remote computing, offering uncompromised 4K/UHD throughput, efficient scaling across multicore CPUs and support for third-party codecs.
- Client OS: Windows 10, macOS and Linux Ubuntu
- Host OS: Windows, Linux (RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu).
- See the Teradici Administration Guides for details.
Cloud Access Manager is a cloud service included in the Cloud Access Plus plan that simplifies and automates deployments of Cloud Access Software.

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