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      Tripp Lite Rackmount Cooling Unit Air Conditioner 7K BTU 2.0kW 120V 60Hz rack air-conditioning cooling system - 8U

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      Manufacturer part SRCOOL7KRM | Dell part A8505813 | Order Code a8505813 | TrippLite

      SRCOOL7KRM 7,000 BTU Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit with Network Management Support

      The SRCOOL7KRM is the first EIA-compliant rack-mounted air conditioning unit designed to cool IT equipment. It cools up to 2.0 kW of rack-mounted equipment in a server room, MDF or network closet. It also filters and dehumidifies air.
      • 7,000 BTU/h (2.0 kW) of cooling prevents heat-related IT equipment malfunctions, damage and downtime.
      • EIA-compliant rack chassis (8U) saves valuable floor space in cramped IT environments.
      • Close-coupled cooling saves energy and reduces operating costs.
      • Prevents accumulation of condensation and restarts automatically after outages for unattended operation.
      • Optional network management card enables remote monitoring and control.
      • Self-contained unit plugs into a standard 15-amp outlet for plug-and-play installation.
      • 1-year warranty and free tech support reflect Tripp Lite's commitment to customer satisfaction.
      SRCOOL7KRM 7,000 BTU Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit with Network Management Support

      Why is the SRCOOL7KRM a Good Investment?

      This rack-mounted air conditioning unit solves cooling problems where it isn't practical, efficient or affordable to install or expand computer room air conditioning (CRAC) or HVAC capacity. When IT equipment is installed in an improvised space or new equipment overwhelms existing cooling systems, additional cooling is required to ensure reliable performance and prevent damage. This air conditioning unit provides the cooling capacity to solve heat-related problems without requiring a major capital expenditure, a disruptive construction project, installation assistance from costly specialists or time-consuming maintenance. It's ideal for sectors like education and small/medium business, where budgets are tight and purpose-built IT spaces are a luxury.

      Common Applications

      The SRCOOL7KRM is the first EIA-compliant rack-mounted air conditioning unit designed to cool IT equipment. Its 8U rack chassis mounts in the bottom of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure and saves valuable floor space in cramped IT environments like server rooms, MDFs and network closets. It cools up to 2.0 kW of rack-mounted equipment housed in a single enclosure, including servers, switches and other heat-sensitive network hardware. It also dehumidifies and filters the air. The cooling output vent directs cold air upward from the unit's position at the bottom of the rack. The included magnetic air dam kit optimizes airflow and can be trimmed with scissors to match front-door ventilation patterns from most rack manufacturers. An optional exhaust kit (SRCOOLDUCT7K) adds a rear exhaust manifold and exhaust duct to isolate warm exhaust air and direct it to a dropped-ceiling plenum or window. The exhaust kit is compatible with rack enclosures from any manufacturer and also allows the SRCOOL7KRM to cool an open frame rack or a small room (up to 250 sq. ft.). (For 2-post rack applications, add the 2POSTRMKITHD mounting kit.)

      Engineered for IT Environments

      The difference between consumer-grade air conditioners and SmartRack® cooling solutions is like the difference between home computers and purpose-built servers. Although it may be possible to install server software on a home computer, it will never have the convenience, manageability, performance and resilience required for a high-availability IT environment.

      Tripp Lite has engineered SmartRack cooling solutions from the ground up to meet the rigorous requirements of IT environments. Since the introduction of the award-winning SRCOOL12K, Tripp Lite has also used customer feedback and extensive IT application testing – both in the field and the lab – to improve SmartRack cooling solutions in every aspect from internal design to external packaging.

      Close-Coupled Cooling

      Installing air conditioning units closer to heat sources reduces distances required for delivery of cold air and removal of hot air, using less electricity to power fans. Close-coupled cooling also focuses cold air where it's actually needed instead of wasting energy to cool the entire room when that isn't the goal. This makes close-coupled air conditioning units more efficient than air conditioners installed at the room's perimeter or outside the room entirely, saving energy and reducing operating costs. Because close-coupled cooling is modular, it also allows you to reconfigure cooling on the fly to handle new equipment or newly detected hot spots.

      Unattended Operation

      Loaded with IT-friendly features that allow it to operate for extended periods without user intervention, this air conditioning unit is ideal for remote installations and other low-maintenance applications. After you plug it in and turn it on, you can focus on other tasks without interruption while it keeps things cool. The built-in evaporator prevents condensation from accumulating, which means that you never need to empty a water collection tank. If there's a power failure, the unit restarts automatically with its most recent settings, so you don't need to make a site visit to get things running again. You can also set the unit to turn on and off automatically. And if you want to keep a closer eye on cooling, the optional SRCOOLNET2 network management card allows you to monitor and control every aspect of the unit's operation from any location without leaving your desk.

      Optional Network Management

      There are two ways to manage this air conditioning unit:
      1. Use the push-button control panel, LEDs and digital display to change settings, automate operation and monitor temperature locally.
      2. Add the optional SRCOOLNET2 network management card to monitor temperatures, change settings, define threshold warnings, receive alerts, access logs and automate operation over the network via SNMP, Web, SSH or telnet. Using Tripp Lite's free PowerAlert® NMS software, you can manage multiple air conditioning units from a central location and single interface. The SRCOOLNET2 also includes an ENVIROSENSE® temperature, humidity and dry contact sensor. The sensor allows cooling operation to be based on temperature readings up to 12 feet away from the air conditioning unit, providing more precise cooling control.

      Plug-and-Play Installation

      This air conditioning unit can be installed by almost anyone, without the assistance of an electrician or HVAC specialist. It mounts just like any other rack equipment and plugs into a standard 15-amp outlet. The unit is completely self-contained and a built-in evaporator prevents condensation from accumulating, so it does not require an external condenser, refrigerant piping, floor drain or water collection tank. It ships with all the parts required for installation, including 4-post mounting hardware compatible with standard EIA-compliant rack enclosures.

      Eco-Friendly Design

      • Ozone-Safe Refrigerant: This air conditioning unit's R410A refrigerant complies with environmental standards worldwide and does not contribute to ozone layer depletion.
      • Close-Coupled Cooling: Close-coupled cooling systems are more efficient than traditional perimeter cooling systems. Close-coupled cooling helps you save money, save energy, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.
      • RoHS Compliance: This product complies with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive, which limits the use of hazardous substances in manufacturing.

      Dependable Service from an Industry Leader

      Service and Support
      • 1-Year Product Warranty: If this product proves defective in material or workmanship within that period, Tripp Lite will repair or replace it at no charge.
      • Free Tech Support: Chicago-based, in-house tech specialists are available by phone, email and chat.
      Industry Leader
      • Over 90 Years: Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite has a long-established and proven track record of providing reliable products and responsive customer service.
      • Trusted Name: From the smallest office to the largest data center, customers worldwide trust Tripp Lite to power, protect, manage and connect valuable IT equipment.
      • Third-Party Safety Testing and ISO 9001 Certification

      Key Specifications

      Model: SRCOOL7KRM
      Cooling Capacity: 7,000 BTU/h (2.0 kW)
      Refrigerant Type: R410A
      Refrigerant Charge: 18.7 oz. (530 g)
      Airflow: 198.25 CFM (336.83 m3/hr.)
      Dehumidifier Capacity: 0.33 gal./hr. (1.25 l/hr.)
      Nominal AC Input: 120 V / 60 Hz
      Input Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P
      Input Cord Length: 7 ft. (2.1 m)
      Required Outlet: NEMA 5-15R
      Form Factor: 8U Rack Chassis
      Dimensions: 13.9 x 17.35 x 22.5 in. (35.3 x 44.1 x 57.2 cm)
      Weight: 61.6 lb. (27.9 kg)
      Acoustic Noise: 57 dBA (1 m)
      Standards: Tested to UL 484 (ETL), CSA, EIA/ECA-310-E, RoHS
      Product Warranty (Worldwide): 1-Year Limited Warranty
      What’s Included: SRCOOL7KRM, Magnetic Air Dam Kit, Directional Cooling Output Vent, 4-Post Rack-Mounting Hardware, Manual
      Optional Network Management Card: SRCOOLNET2
      Optional Exhaust Kit: SRCOOLDUCT7K
      Optional 2-Post Mounting Kit: 2POSTRMKITHD

      Tripp Lite has a policy of continuous improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may differ slightly from photos. Tripp Lite uses primary and third-party agencies to test its products for compliance with standards. Go to Tripp Lite's website for more information, including complete warranty terms and conditions.

      The SRCOOL7KRM Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit pumps 7,000 BTU/h (2.0 kW) of close-coupled cooling power into your IT equipment to prevent shutdowns, malfunctions and failures caused by overheating. This space-saving, energy-efficient unit is perfect for data centers, server rooms, network closets and other environments with heat-sensitive rack-mounted equipment and limited floor space. The self-contained SRCOOL7KRM mounts just like any other rack equipment in 8U of space at the top or bottom of a rack enclosure. A magnetic air dam attaches to the front door of the rack enclosure to ensure that equipment draws cool air from the SRCOOL7KRM instead of drawing warm air from the room. Because it only cools the equipment inside the rack enclosure, the SRCOOL7KRM is much more efficient than solutions that cool an entire room to achieve the same result. The SRCOOL7KRM filters the air, and its built-in evaporator eliminates condensation, as well as the need for a floor drain or water collection tank.

      The 7-foot cord plugs into a standard 15-amp (NEMA 5-15R) outlet. The unit restarts automatically after power failures, and you can use the built-in timer to schedule unattended shutdown and startup. The intuitive control panel includes a digital display and diagnostic LEDs to communicate operating conditions at a glance. The optional SRCOOLNET2 remote management accessory (sold separately) allows you to monitor temperatures, receive alerts, review logs and control settings over the Ethernet network from any location via SNMP, Web, SSH or telnet. The SRCOOLNET2 accessory also includes an ENVIROSENSE temperature and humidity sensor that allows you to link cooling output with temperature readings up to 12 feet away.

      Tech Specs

      Product Type
      Rack air-conditioning cooling system
      Voltage Required
      AC 120 V
      Height (Rack Units)
      17.4 in
      22.5 in
      13.9 in
      61.51 lbs

      Compliant Standards
      CSA, RoHS, UL 484

      Manufacturer Warranty
      Service & Support
      Limited warranty - 1 year

      Environmental Parameters
      Sound Emission
      57 dBA

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      Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.

      Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.