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The processing power of a workstation

Tower and desktop workstations are designed to handle the heavy workloads of processing and graphic-intensive applications. Certain types of jobs like video editing, animation, big data analysis, VR and AI, can easily overwhelm commercial PCs. Workstations have the processing power, storage capacity, fast memory and professional-grade graphics to deliver the performance required for these highly demanding workloads.

Precision workstations are some of the world’s most powerful desktop and tower workstations. Built with more than 20 years of insight and experience delivering industry-leading technology. Driven by customers' needs, the groundbreaking innovations in Dell’s workstation technologies are designed to solve user challenges and provide greater speed and performance for ultimate productivity.


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Who needs a desktop workstation?

A workstation is considered the best computer for business applications in a wide range of industries.

Manufacturing and engineering
Workstations provide the processing power required for computer-aided design (CAD) applications, industrial automation, 3D visualization, analysis, AI and VR, as well as construction computer-aided manufacturing.

Media and entertainment
From creating games and animation to editing film, video and graphics, workstations rely on GPU acceleration to render complex graphics and digital content. The performance of the workstations allows the creators to meet tight deadlines and try new and innovative technologies while within project iterations.

Oil and gas: exploration and simulation
Workstation computers are essential for the data-intensive exploration applications, complex simulations and massive data processing that are critical in the oil and gas industry. These workstations allow oil businesses to streamline processes, analyze real-time data and enhanced data storage.

Economics and financial services
From managing economic modeling and forecasting to tracking the stock market and processing trades, desktop workstations have fast memory and large storage capacity to handle massive data sets.

In the medical and life sciences arena, workstations are helping to solve some of their toughest challenges. Workstations offer tools that can improve workflow while also increasing face-to-face time with patients. Dell Optimizer for Precision learns how you work and continuously adapts to your style to create a smarter, more personalized and productive experience. ExpressResponse lets you launch your most used apps faster by utilizing AI and Intel® Adaptix™ Technology.

Emerging Technologies
Precision workstations provide the performance and reliability required to drive the latest technologies, such as VR and AI. If your organization is serious about staying ahead of the curve, utilizing VR technology and AI tests/modeling will be integral to staying innovative.

Desktop Precision Workstations


Precision workstations are high-performance PCs designed around innovation, performance and reliability.

Intelligent performance
Precision has some of the most powerful workstations in the industry. With the latest Intel and Xeon processors and professional graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, every Dell workstation is designed to deliver superior performance.

The workstations boast extensive and high-performance memory that keeps applications running smoothly, while Octane DC Persistent memory/storage ensures ultra-fast data transfers. Dell workstations also come with Dell Optimizer for Precision software that tunes which workstation's performance for how the user uses it.

Immersive productivity
Connect multiple monitors with up to 4K or 8K resolution or high dynamic range (HDR). Dell PremierColor displays ensure accurate color and provide support for 100% Adobe color and DCI-P3 gamuts. Also, its VR-ready and AI-ready options allow users to work with emerging technologies.

Mission-critical reliability
Precision workstations are rigorously tested to earn ISV certifications to ensure that applications properly run on. ECC Memory and RMT Pro help reduce memory errors to ensure uptime. And RAID-capable systems ensure greater data availability.

Innovative security
Dell workstations offer exceptional security with solutions like Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise and Dell Data Guardian that prevent threats while protecting data against loss and corruption. Data security is important to organizations in every industry, and Precision workstations were designed with this in mind.

Award-winning design
Advanced thermal cooling, flex bay chassis and aesthetically pleasing design have helped Precision workstations win multiple awards for innovation.

World-class ecosystem
Precision workstations are available with an end-to-end portfolio of displays, accessories, services, and software.

In addition to Precision workstations, Dell has a wide range of desktop PCs, including , towers and even racks.


The perks of choosing Dell workstations

Premium technical support
Dell has the most complete support service in the industry. Service includes onsite repairs, command center monitoring, crisis management, access to in-region engineers and a single resource for software and hardware expertise. Learn more.

Free shipping
Dell desktop workstations ship free of charge and returns are simple within the 30 days after purchase.

Price Match and Price Guarantee
Dell will match the lower advertised price of any equivalent product before your purchase and will refund the difference if you see a lower price on your product within 30 days of your invoice date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a desktop workstation?
A desktop workstation is a desktop computer built with heavy-duty components, fast processors and memory, the latest graphics cards and large amounts of storage. Desktop workstations are designed to handle the demands of applications that require intense processing.

What is a mobile workstation?
A mobile workstation is a device like a laptop, but it’s one that is built for greater durability and intense processing and graphics processing capabilities.

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