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Intel® Core™ Processors


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Unsure where to start when finding the tech that works the way you do? We're here to help. Here's a quick cheat sheet on the specs that determine how a computer performs. Still unsure? Our Technology Advisors are happy to help.

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Components to consider:

Processor level:
Determines the speed at which processes complete

RAM (memory):
Determines the amount of multitasking that can occur without delays

  • Save a lot to the cloud?: smaller HD/SSD of 256GB
  • Save a lot locally to your PC?: Mid to large HD/SSD of 512GB – 2 TB

Product series
  • For basic computing needs: 3000 Series
  • For mid-level needs: 5000 Series
  • For advanced needs: 7000 Series

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The employee essential recommended products


We recommend PCs with these specs for basic web browsing, 1-2 programs open and minimal budget impact:
  • Processor level: Intel® Core™ i5 for non-intensive workload computing
  • RAM (memory): 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SATA SSD, economical option with improved speed compared to hard disk drives (HDDs)
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"the accountant" recommended products


We recommend these specs for having multiple programs open and running simultaneously. Great for accounting, spreadsheets, light design editing and large files. 
  • Processor level: Intel® Core™ i7, the standard for mid-level computing
  • RAM (memory): 16GB, for users who want little to no lag under normal conditions
  • Storage: 256GB SSD – 512GB PCIe SSD, to boot and retrieve files quickly
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"the architect" recommended products


We recommend these specs for having multiple large MB files open at one time, strong computing-focused programs, design and memory/RAM intense processing:
  • Processor level: Intel® Core™ i9 for advanced speed and computing
  • RAM (memory): 16GB – 64GB; GPU 4GB+ 
  • Storage: 256GB –1TB PCIe SSD, available with encryption
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Our Tech Advisors' Laptops

Dell tech advisor

Latitude 5000 Series, Intel® Core™ i5, 16GB, 256GB SSD

This is our standard business laptop that is reliable, built to run 12-14 hours a day and very expandable for a mid-sized notebook. Overall, this is the workplace workhorse on our sales floor.

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