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    Dell OpenManage Power Center

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    OpenManage Power Center DellEMC
    Measure and manage your usage.
    Gain greater insight into your energy usage through detailed measurement of energy consumption throughout your data center. OpenManage™ Power Center gives you the ability to measure and manage the power consumption of up to 2,000 servers and track both short-term and long-term historical data.

    Create and implement multiple usage policies.
    OpenManage Power Center integrates with Intel® Node Manager to simplify implementation of management policies across your data center. When utilized with 12th-generation or later PowerEdge servers with Intel Node Manager technology and an iDRAC Enterprise license, you can now segment control across physical levels of your data center according to each row, rack or group of servers. In addition, you can create custom logical groups and monitor energy usage and costs on a group-by-group basis.

    Reduce consumption during low-load hours.
    You can see energy savings opportunities through management of your server room according to business needs. If demands on your systems are lower overnight or during weekends, OpenManage Power Center allows you to implement policies that throttle back power consumption during those times and/or assign maximum possible power to those servers running your most important applications.
    Dell OpenManage Power Center

    Maximize and simplify the allocation of your existing resources.

    • Increase data center density: Track usage by physical or logical group to identify consumption trends and anomalies, and reassign underutilized servers or those that are approaching maximum capacity.
    • Simplify cost itemization: Itemize the costs of powering servers that are allocated to business units, locations or specific functions.
    OpenManage Power Center - Mitigate risk

    Mitigate risk

    Eliminate the guesswork around temperature management and help maintain uptime during thermal events with OpenManage™ Power Center. Its management console allows you to centralize control, monitor server temperatures and respond to temperature spikes quickly and easily with an emergency power reduction.

    Dell OpenManage Power Center also allows you to:
    • Establish policies to throttle down non-essential servers when temperatures rise beyond optimal levels.
    • Maximize uninterruptible power supply (UPS) uptime during a power outage.
    • Protect your data and your systems by implementing rack-level power-capping policies to prevent tripped circuit breakers.
    • Maintain uptime of business-critical applications by reducing noncritical consumption first.
    • Prioritize protections for groups of servers during a brownout.


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