PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader

PowerVault TL1000

Simple, reliable backup at minimal cost.

Automate backups and save time with an affordable, high-density tape autoloader featuring a compact 1U design and remote management.

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PowerVault TL1000




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Cables for 13G and 14G Servers

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Storage Media

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LTO Tape Label

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Controllers for 13G and 14G Servers

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PowerVault TL1000
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PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader - Easy, automated backup

Easy, automated backup

With remote management and time-saving automation, the PowerVault TL1000 autoloader is an ideal choice to simplify large or frequent backups.
  • Convenient remote management — Monitor and manage from anywhere using a web-based browser.
  • Time-saving automation — Eliminate the need to manually load and unload single tape cartridges to save time and reduce the risk for error.
  • Fast installation — Simply unpack and rack the unit, connect the SAS cable, load tape media and power on the TL1000 to get started.
  • Seamless integration — Easily integrate the TL1000 into your network and use it with Windows or Linux® operating systems.


PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader - Dependable, high-capacity storage

Dependable, high-capacity storage

Deploy a reliable backup solution with exceptional storage density and efficiency.
  • Back up more data in less space with nine cartridges in a compact 1U chassis.
  • Efficiently add or remove cartridges with the removable tape magazine and support continuous operation when inserting or removing cartridges with the I/O station.
  • Deploy a certified, tested and validated solution compatible with PowerEdge servers and select storage devices and supported by common independent software vendor (ISV) packages.
  • Support lights-out operations for unattended, automated backup.
PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader - Cost effective and future ready

Cost effective and future ready

Help reduce acquisition, administration and service costs with an affordable, future-ready solution.

  • Minimize acquisition expenses with cost-effective hardware, media and software.
  • Ensure long-term value providing forward compatibility to protect your investments.
  • Help lower administration costs with fast bulk loading and unloading of tapes using removable magazines.


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