Dell Internet of Thing (IoT) Gateway (5100) - Industrial

Dell Edge Gateway 5100

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  • Intel CPU E3825 1.33GHz

  • Ubuntu Core 16

  • Intel Atom E3825 1.33GHz + 2GB DDR3L-1067MHz

  • 64GB Solid State Drive SATA (2280)

Dell Edge Gateway 5100

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Intel CPU E3825 1.33GHz
Operating System
Ubuntu Core 16
Included in price
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB for Direct Customers
+ $54.00
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Entry
+ $54.00
Intel Atom E3825 1.33GHz + 2GB DDR3L-1067MHz
Included in price
Intel Atom E3827 1.75GHz + 4GB DDR3L-1333MHz
+ $120.00
8GB DDR3L-1333MHz
+ $320.00
2GB DDR3L-1067MHz (V3 D-1 CPU Stepping)
+ $12.00
4GB DDR3L-1333MHz (V3 D-1 CPU Stepping)
+ $123.00
8GB DDR3L-1333MHz (V3 D-1 CPU Stepping)
+ $338.00
Hard Drive
64GB Solid State Drive SATA (2280)
Included in price
128GB Solid State Drive M.2 SATA (2280)
+ $80.00
256 GB Solid State Drive M.2 SATA
+ $127.65
512 GB Solid State Drive M.2 SATA
+ $359.00
Wireless 802.11n LAN Card
Mobile Broadband
No Mobile Broadband Card Selected
Included in price
4G LTE DW5818 Mobile Broadband Card with AT&T SIM
+ $318.00
Add-in Cards
Included in price
CANBus add-in card for Edge Gateway 5000 series
+ $25.00
Network Card
Included in price
ZigBee Mesh Networking IEEE 802.15.4 USB Dongle (supports 6LoWPAN and Thread)
+ $49.00
WLAN Antenna + cable
+ $99.00
WWAN Antenna + cable
+ $129.00
WLAN WWAN Antenna + cable
+ $279.00
I/O Bay 1 & 2
Included in price
IO Expansion Module for Gateway 5000 Series with DIN Rail Mounting
+ $275.00
IO Expansion Module for Gateway 5000 Series with Wall Mounting
+ $275.00
Power Supply
Included in price
Power Expansion Module for Gateway 5000 Series with DIN Rail Mounting
+ $300.00
Mounting Bracket
No Mounting Bracket
Included in price
Wall Mount for Edge Gateway 5000 series Main CPU Module
+ $5.00
DIN Rail Mount for Edge Gateway 5000 series Main CPU Module
+ $15.00
Phoenix Adapters for Edge Gateway 5000 series (4 plugs)
Included in price
Non-Microsoft Application Software
Ubuntu Additional Software


1 Year ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service
Included in price
3 Year ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service
+ $179.70
5 Year ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service
+ $336.00
Configuration Services - Online Only - Standard
System Box Label
+ $15.00
System Box Asset Label With Mac Address No PO
+ $10.00

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TPM Ready (factory disabled for Ubuntu)
Dell Edge Gateway 5100
Dell Price
Order Code xctoi5100us


Flexible operating systems

Choose from Wind River Linux 3.0, Ubuntu Snappy 15.0.4 and now Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB – for easy management of your IoT platforms.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Refining the ‘Internet of Things’

Refining the ‘Internet of Things’

The state of business today: The integration of IT and operation technology isn’t new, it’s been happening for decades. Dell has invested heavily in IoT research and has designed technology uniquely optimized for improved security and efficiency across your device network.

The network of the future: By 2020, IoT will reach 26 billion connected devices. The challenge is to capture, analyze and effectively gain insights from the massive amounts of data these sensors and devices collect, in order to drive your business forward.

Created for any condition: The next evolution in Dell’s IoT technology is focused on intelligent gateways that can operate reliably in extreme temperatures and help connect endpoints even in the most challenging industrial or enterprise environments.

More industrial applications. Improved insights

Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Valuable results
Valuable results : Dual-core Intel Atom processing enables edge analytics ranging from local rule-based control decisions to stream processing so only meaningful events are sent to the datacenter or cloud. This flexibility conserves expensive network bandwidth and minimizes downtime.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Optimized connectivity
Optimized connectivity: Diverse and expandable I/O allows you to connect, aggregate, relay and track data from virtually any sensor and network protocol, including wireless mesh networks and legacy serial equipment, so you can make the most of your existing investments. Do even more with optional I/O expansion and power modules.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Built tough
Built tough: The Gateway 5100’s fanless, solid-state design is optimized for wall and DIN-rail mounting, and the extended environmental specifications are designed to withstand harsh conditions– including temperatures up to 70°C and down to -30°C. With an optional enclosure, you can add further protection against dust, oil and other challenging environments.

Maximize your data solutions

Falling sensor and device costs, as well as improving power efficiencies make IoT solutions even more affordable and efficient to implement. With a better understanding of your business’ data, you can manage resources, optimize your operations and improve yields. The Dell Edge Gateway 5100 offers:

• A big picture view of your business that is more refined and easily searchable.
• Award-winning security from your data center to the farthest Dell endpoint, and along the networks and clouds in between.
• A better way to expand your company’s services and control IT across a variety of platforms.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Analytics at your fingertips

Analytics at your fingertips

User-friendly development: With the Dell Gateway 5100, your company can build its operation on its own terms, with modular, architecture-agnostic solutions.

Refined data streams: Harness the power of advanced analytics with more finely tuned data always at the ready.

Analytics for any size: Prepare to scale your operations quickly and efficiently from the pilot to production stages.

Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Ports and slots

Ports and slots

1.RS-232 | 2.(2) RS-485 | 3.RS-422/485 combo | 4.USB 2.0 | 5.USB 3.0 | 6.(2) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet | 7. HDMI port
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

Height: 8.5" (216 mm)| Width: 9" (229 mm)| Depth: 2.9" (74 mm)
Weight: Starting at 3.2kg

Essential accessories for your Dell Edge Gateway 5100.

Maximize the performance of your Edge Gateway 5100 with Dell-recommended essential accessories.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Power Module

Power Module

Get supplementary power for a PCIe card and provide space for potential future modules. Regulate external power sources for smooth, uninterrupted service.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - I/O Expansion

I/O Expansion

Prepare for expansion with two additional USB ports, a serial port and GPIO, so you’re ready to connect future models and manage cables easily. Requires additional power module.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Rugged Enclosure

Rugged Enclosure

This lockable hardened enclosure protects from dust, oil and weather elements, and the chassis intrusion switch will send an alert in case of unauthorized access.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - Mesh Networking Adapter

Mesh Networking Adapter

Discover a cost-effective yet reliable wireless technology for mesh networks such as ZigBee and other low-battery situations.
Dell Edge Gateway 5100 - CANBus Card

CANBus Card

Created to allow access to Controller Area Network protocols, this card series drastically reduces the chance of data loss and ensures system reliability.

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Configuration & Flexible Branding

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