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Intel® Core™ Processors


Live Optics for Service Providers

Get a clear, comprehensive view of your customer’s IT infrastructure with Live Optics!

Live optics is a no cost, light weight software that Dell provides to Dell Experts. Using Live Optics, you will be able to analyze and gain transparency into your customer’s IT infrastructure in hours instead of weeks. Gain access to features including Optical Prime, profiles and a Dossier to provide your customers with valuable insights.

Live Optics

4 Features


Optical Prime
a. A digital discovery collector that captures performance, software, OS distribution, VM characteristics and basic vendor data.

b. Some of the collection details include: different Operating Systems, CPU description and usage rates, Read and Write IOPS, VMware Virtual memory settings and more!


a. Provides insights into unstructured data by using rapid file characterization and reporting management

b. Reporting data pretraining to: data capacity utilization, deduplication effectiveness, compression reduction percentage and archiving


Storage Array Profiles
Provides the usage of a specific hardware asset and will send the information to the Live Optics portal for analysis. The results of this analysis are displayed in a project.


Data Protection Profiles
Provides detailed configuration and usage information for backup software applications and appliances.


Valuable insights
Puts you in control of your client’s infrastructure

Saves Time
You can analyze data in 24 hours or less rather than spending weeks to months on it.

Save Money
You can save your customer money by having them shift to a workload-based consumption model.

Gain Transparency
You will gain deeper insights into performance, workload simulations, utilization and support

Accessing Live Optics



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Learning Resources


Real-world data for MSPs

In the digital economy, your SMB clients need to modernize and transform their IT to innovate faster and stay competitive. But purchasing decisions can seem risky without a clear and comprehensive view of their current IT environment and workloads, especially when budgets are limited. Learn More.


A project is the container that represents the data that was collected based on the profile that was performed. For example, if a data protection profile was run then the project would contain data protection information.

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