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PowerVault NX Series

PowerVault NX440

Latest generation NX Series Windows NAS appliance.

The PowerVault NX Series is an affordable NAS appliance harnessing the innovations of Windows Storage Server 2016.

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PowerVault NX440



Included in price
+ $96.79

Operating System

+ $256.23
Included in price

OS Media Kits

+ $2.33
+ $2.33

RAID Configuration

C4, RAID 5 for 3 or more HDDs or SSDs (Matching Type/Speed/Capacity)
Included in price

Hard Drive

Please note the following restrictions: VMware does not yet support AF (Advanced Format) hard drives. AF drives are also labeled as 512e or 4Kn. 4Kn hard drives are only supported on Win 2012 or later using UEFI boot & some Linux distros. 512e hard drives are only supported with Win2008R2 or greater & some Linux distros.
$128.11 /ea.
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$243.70 /ea.
$334.23 /ea.
$345.62 /ea.
$445.27 /ea.
$652.53 /ea.
$663.34 /ea.
$961.71 /ea.
$1,007.83 /ea.
$1,610.82 /ea.
$1,651.24 /ea.

Additional Network Cards

Included in price
$124.70 /ea.
$124.70 /ea.
$79.15 /ea.
$79.15 /ea.
$130.39 /ea.
$130.39 /ea.
$284.13 /ea.
$284.13 /ea.
$426.48 /ea.
$426.48 /ea.
$370.11 /ea.
$369.54 /ea.

Power Supply

Included in price
+ $113.88

Power Cords

$0.00 /ea.
Included in price
$11.39 /ea.
$11.39 /ea.
$17.08 /ea.

Internal Optical Drive

Included in price
+ $17.08
+ $56.37

Embedded Systems Management

For customers purchasing digitally delivered software, a high-speed internet connection is recommended.
Included in price
+ $170.25

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

+ $33.59
+ $56.37
Included in price

Rack Rails

+ $107.62
+ $84.84
+ $27.90
Included in price

System Documentation

Included in price

Host Bus Adapter

+ $153.17


Factory Generated Password for iDRAC9 (new for 14G iDRAC9) – By default, all PowerEdge servers will ship with a factory generated iDRAC password, to provide additional security. This password is generated at the factory and is located on the pull-out Information Tag located on the front of the chassis, adjacent to the server asset tag. Legacy Password - Customers who prefer the known, legacy password “calvin” should choose this option. For security purposes, Dell EMC strongly recommends changing any initial password as part of server deployment.
iDRAC,Factory Generated Password
Included in price

Advanced System Configurations



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+ $95.66
+ $213.52
+ $142.35
+ $99.64
+ $71.17
+ $355.87

Support & Services


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+ $474.30
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+ $118.43
+ $513.60
+ $870.04
+ $1,012.39
+ $1,581.78

Additional Installation Services

+ $623.60
+ $1,554.79

Keep Your Hard Drive or Component for Ent Services

Included in price
+ $142.35

Data Sanitization or Destruction for Ent Service

+ $14,402.07
+ $11,201.69
+ $13,441.68
+ $8,001.12
+ $17,282.49
+ $9,601.12

Deployment Services

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+ $3,244.98
+ $796.59
+ $141.74
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Also included in this system

The following options and default selections are included with your order.

Standard Fan
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Dell EMC NX440 Shipping Material
Extra $250 off $1,499+ with code SERVER250
PowerVault NX440
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Enhanced NAS

The PowerVault NX Series appliances are easy to use and managed through a central interface for stand-alone or cluster configurations:
  • OS pre-installed for easy deployment
  • Optimized for file serving with Windows Storage Server 2016
  • Clustering capabilities when using the NX3340

PowerEdge server platforms

Rely on high speed and efficiency with PowerVault NX Series appliances built on the latest generation PowerEdge rack mount server technology.

  • The latest generation multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Up to 64GB* of memory and 192TB* raw capacity (NX3240)
  • Options for SATA, NL-SAS and SAS drives
PowerVault NX family – NAS gateway option

NAS gateway option

Leverage additional SAN arrays for massive external expansion by installing the NX3340 option as a NAS gateway. Support for clustering up to 64 nodes leveraging Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) when connected to PowerVault ME4, EqualLogic or Dell Compellent storage arrays.

Simple Management

Spend less time managing data and more time building your business using Microsoft® System Center and the Remote Desktop for Administration feature in Windows Storage Server 2016 or the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC9) Enterprise Edition to manage your data. In addition, you’re able to efficiently utilize NAS.
  • Data reduplication 
  • Thin provisioning
  • DFS-R synchronization capabilities across limited bandwidth network connections in distributed and remote office environments
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for SMB file shares that allows backup operations using snapshots of remote file shares supporting SMB-based server applications 

Updated OS

The Dell Storage NX family features Windows Storage Server 2016 software offering Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 performance and versatility in the NAS appliances. It includes:

  • Latest SMB 3.0 features that support Hyper-V and SQL server
  • Continuous availability and failover clustering with NFS and iSCSI
  • Automatic detection and use of multiple network connections between SMB client and server
Dell EMC NX3240

PowerVault NX3240

Effectively manages both file and block data with advanced software for efficient, adaptable data sharing.
  • Dual-socket, 2U rack mount NAS server
  • Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3204, Silver 4208 or Silver 4214 processors
  • Up to 64GB* memory
  • SATA, NL-SAS or SAS drive options
  • Up to 16 hot-swap 3.5” drives for data; two 2.5” drives for OS
  • Up to 192TB* raw capacity
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R740xd server precision technology
Dell EMC NX3340

PowerVault NX3340

Cluster-ready NAS that offers efficient deployment and integration with high availability to simplify data management.
  • Dual-socket, 1U rack mount NAS server and gateway
  • Intel® Xeon® Silver 4208 or Silver 4214 processors
  • Up to 64GB* memory
  • Two or four hot-swap 2.5” SAS drives for OS
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R640 server precision technology
Dell EMC NX440

PowerVault NX440

Network attached storage that offers automated setup and data management capabilities for efficient data sharing.
  • Single socket, 1U rack mount NAS server
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E-2124
  • Up to four hot-swap 3.5” NL-SAS or SATA drives for data and OS
  • Up to 48TB* memory
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R340 PowerEdge Server technology

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ProSupport Enterprise Suite

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