• Complex problems. Powerful solutions.

    The bright minds at Draper put their brainpower, and technologies, to work by solving some of our most pressing challenges—in security, space, health care, energy and the environment. Together, Draper and Dell Technologies are powering the artificial intelligence for pattern recognition in satellite imagery to impart information, like disease outbreaks and severe weather events. Draper looks to their partnership with Dell Technologies to continue to innovate, enhance capabilities and solve problems. 


        COMPANY: Draper   |   INDUSTRY: Engineering  |  HEADQUARTERS: Massachusetts, US

    • Advanced technology that makes real impact.

      Dell Technologies and Draper share a common vision of using technology to advance human progress. The partnership has helped foster a climate of continuous innovation---from making cell and gene therapy processing more efficient, to advancing space exploration. Draper’s IT transformation journey is aided by essential infrastructure and services from Dell Technologies that facilitates their breakthrough engineering.

    • The right tools to save the world.

      Cutting costs by 30%, boosting IT staff productivity by 75%, and increased innovation? That’s what’s happening at Draper since engaging with Dell Technologies. Featuring solutions in storage, support, hyper-converged, end-user compute and data center virtualization, the partnership continues to thrive as Draper continues to create solutions that pioneer tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

    • Dell Technologies helps Draper engineers process these large volumes of satellite imagery in ways that we couldn't possibly do by doing it quickly and more efficiently.

    • How Draper creates a culture that sparks innovation.

      Finding new uses for existing technologies can be a powerful force for innovation. For example, the same technology that saves stranded astronauts can help firefighters navigate smoke-filled buildings. But it takes more than a big intellectual property catalog to make new products out of old tech: It takes a corporate culture that embraces diversity and encourages collaboration. Draper CIO Mike Crones explains how he fosters a culture that drives innovation.


      Providing Draper with instant access to technology

      Draper provides cutting edge resources and training to attract research and engineering workforce; therefore, increasing innovation and intellectual property.


      Supporting infrastructure for critical R&D operations

      This video shows how Draper partners with Dell EMC services to support and deploy hardware in their environment, leveraging the expertise and automation to save 75% of their time.

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    • Delivering blood. Driving hope.

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