• The State of Minnesota has authorized all Minnesota State Agencies and Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) members to purchase all products offered under the Dell  NASPO ValuePoint contract MNWNC-109. 

      All products and services offered under the Dell Master Price Agreement number MNWNC-109 may be purchased. 

      Professional/Technical Services may be obtained under this Participating Addendum under these conditions:  services must be related to the equipment and/or software purchased from this Contract and be limited to $50,000 or less per project.  Based on the size, scope and complexity of the project, the State (Department of Administration, Materials Management Division) reserves the right, on a case by case basis, to approve dollar limits exceeding $50,000 per project.  State Agencies must encumber and execute a Professional Technical Services Work Order (attached below) for amounts over $5000 (under $5000 may be encumbered on a Purchase Order).  All services provided by the Contract Vendor under a Work Order must be performed to the State's satisfaction, as determined by paragraph B.28,  Acceptance and Acceptance Testing unless the parties have agreed to acceptance criteria stated in the Work Order.  A Work Order may not modify or diminish any terms of the Participating Addendum or the Master Agreement, and may not have an expiration date that goes beyond the expiration date of the Participating Addendum.

      All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include the State of Minnesota Participating State contract number 97224; and the Dell NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement number MNWNC-109. Leasing is not allowed on this contract.  See the approved list of Agents below for questions and help placing orders through Dell. Amendment 2 to the Minnesota Participating Addendum extends the term of the contract to July 31, 2021.

      Please see the Minnesota NASPO ValuePoint MNWNC-109 Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services Participating Addendum for complete details.  

      Please contact your sales person for invoicing, billing, order tracking, and delivery questions: