Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays

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More capacity and performance

Increase capacity and improve performance with an ultra-dense array for midsized deployments.

Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays


Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays - High-performing ultra-dense arrays

High-performing, ultra-dense arrays

The Dell Storage PS6610 arrays combine next-generation powerful controllers and an updated dense storage architecture to meet large data repository requirements. PS and SC Series latest software releases offer common management and cross-platform replication, allowing you to leverage existing investments while taking advantage of new functionality.

The PS6610 can scale out to over 8PB in a group of 16 arrays with improved density, memory and performance than the previous generation.
  • Provides up to 7x greater performance in a hybrid configuration than previous generation arrays*
  • Supports over half a petabyte in a single array and up to 3.5x* greater capacity than the previous generation
  • Offers space savings with 2.8x* more density per U than the previous generation

Advanced software optimizes disk space and simplifies management

Manage day-to-day tasks, replicate volumes and initiate migration from PS Series to SC Series arrays with the latest software releases, which include Dell Storage Manager (DSM). Dell Storage PS Series Software automatically virtualizes and optimizes storage resources while providing advanced data protection and SAN management. The full PS Series software suite includes:

  • Cooperation with host operating systems, hypervisors and applications
  • Microsoft®, VMware® and Linux® product integration
  • Storage resource automation, case creation and tracking through SAN HQ management software and Dell Support Assist
  • Support for block and file data along with Dell FS Series NAS through a single intuitive interface
  • Compression of snapshots and replicas up to 50 percent to optimize disk space
Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays - Advanced software optimizes disk space and simplifies management
Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays - Flexible, high-capacity options

Flexible, high-capacity options

Dell Storage PS6610 Series arrays include three different models that provide high capacity and space savings in your data center with the simplicity and reliability of the Dell Storage PS Series product line. Bring speed and efficiency to your applications with:

  • Dual controllers, each with 32GB non-volatile cache
  • Two 10GBASE-T RJ45 auto-sensing (10Gb/1Gb/100Mb) ports including auto-negotiation from 1Gb to 10Gb
  • Two 10GbE SFP+ ports for fibre or copper cabling
  • Up to 42 or 84 hot-pluggable drives, including SAS, NL-SAS, SSD and SED
  • Model options for 2.5" drives and 3.5" drives
  • Up to 504TB capacity per array

Enhance the value of your data center

Dell Storage PS Series customers achieved up to a 513 percent return on investment in 6.2 months on average.* The PS6610 Series arrays offer low TCO through a family of solutions that can be tailored to fit your exact needs and grow with you simply and cost effectively with:

  • All-inclusive software functionality
  • No forklift upgrades
  • Multigenerational compatibility that allows mix-and-match arrays to build tiered storage
  • Seamless rollout or retirement of arrays
  • Long-term investment protection with PS Series and SC Series coexistence
Enterprise power with everyday simplicity

Enterprise power with everyday simplicity

Dell Storage PS Series software helps you store and manage your data more efficiently and cost-effectively. PS Series array, host and management software are included in your storage array purchase — virtually all the tools your organization needs for a complete solution. PS Series software virtualizes and simplifies your environment to help protect business-critical data, optimize storage performance and streamline operations. Additionally, the latest SC and PS Series software releases offer common management and cross-platform replication capabilities between SC and PS Series storage arrays, allowing you to take advantage of new functionality while leveraging existing investments.
Simplified management and data protection deliver lasting value

Simplified management and data protection deliver lasting value

Dell Storage PS Series Array Software, including PS Series Firmware, Group Manager and the Manual Transfer Utility, delivers advanced Storage Area Network (SAN) functions that automatically virtualize and optimize storage resources while providing advanced data protection and SAN management. Integrated across the entire family of PS Series arrays, the PS Series Firmware is a SAN operating system based on a unique peer storage architecture that automatically adjusts system resources. In addition, Dell Storage Update Manager simplifies the firmware upgrade process.
Advanced cross-platform streamlined management and disaster recovery

Advanced cross-platform capabilities and streamlined management

If you are adding an SC Series array to your environment, Dell Storage Manager (DSM) provides a common management tool for PS and SC Series day-to-day activities. You can also initiate volume replication between PS and SC Series with DSM, and easily configure and monitor replication task. To simplify migration, you can import data from PS to SC Series using the Thin Import feature.*
Data center automation with integration and monitoring tools

Data center automation with integration and monitoring tools

This family of host-based software provides tight integration between the PS Series array and the host. Dell Storage PS Series Host Integration Tools (HIT) for Microsoft®, VMware® and Linux® environments offer comprehensive data protection and reliable performance.

Dell Storage PS Series SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ) is a centralized monitoring and reporting tool that gathers and provides in-depth performance and capacity information and provides alerts across multiple groups of PS Series arrays. SAN HQ with SupportAssist further streamlines management and improves productivity with automatic case creation and case tracking.
Performance and density without compromise

Performance and density without compromise

Powered by 8.0 firmware, the PS6610 family of dense arrays is ideal for customers with large data repository requirements.

PS6610ES Array

Hybrid array that optimizes SSD speed and HDD capacity within one array to support mission-critical workloads such as warehousing and online transactional databases.

  • Automated data tiering within an array placing hot data on SSDs
  • 14 400GB or 800GB hot-pluggable 2.5” SSDs and 70 hot-pluggable 3.5” 7.2K RPM NL-SAS 2TB or 4TB HDDs
  • Up to 291.2TB system capacity with 10GbE connectivity Dual controllers with 64GB non-volatile memory (32GB per controller)
PS6610E Array

PS6610E Array

Affordable high capacity configurations for data-intensive workloads such as Archival/Secondary storage and Video Surveillance.

  • 42 hot-pluggable 3.5" 7.2K RPM NL-SAS HDD (2TB, 4TB, or 6TB)
  • 84 hot-pluggable 3.5" 7.2K RPM NL-SAS HDD (4TB or 6TB)
  • 84 hot-pluggable 3.5" 7.2K RPM NL-SAS SED (4TB SED)
  • Up to 504TB system capacity with 10GbE connectivity
  • Dual controllers with 64GB non-volatile memory (32GB per controller)
PS6610X Array

PS6610X Array

Balances cost, performance and capacity for consolidating mixed workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

  • 84 hot-pluggable 2.5" 10K RPM SAS HDD (600GB)
  • 42 or 84 hot-pluggable 2.5" 10K RPM SAS HDD (900GB, 1.2TB)
  • 84 hot-pluggable 2.5" 10K RPM SAS SED (1.2TB)
  • Up to 100.8TB system capacity with 10GbE connectivity
  • Dual controllers with 64GB non-volatile memory (32GB per controller)

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Operating System

  • Operating systems and hypervisors:
    Microsoft® Windows Server®
    including Hyper-V®
    VMware® ESX Server™
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL)
    SUSE® Enterprise Linux® (SLES)
    Oracle® Linux
    Citrix® XenServer®

Expansion Capacity

  • Can be combined with other PS Series arrays in the same SAN group, online. Up to 16 total arrays per group. Additionally, PS and SC Series offer common management and cross-platform replication capabilities between arrays, providing PS Series customers the flexibility to add SC Series arrays to their environment, if and when they choose


  • TCP Network Support:
    IPv4, IPv6 compliant. USGv6 certified.

    Network Interfaces:
    Management network:
    One 100BASE-TX dedicated management per controller

    Interface ports:
    Two 10GBASE-T with RJ45 and two 10GbE SFP+ for fibre or twin-ax copper cabling


  • Height:
    5U / 22.23cm (8.8in)

    48.26cm (19in)

    91.44cm (36in)

    130.7kg (287.5lb) (max config)

Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Security

  • CHAP authentication
    Access control for iSCSI
    Access control for management interfaces including Active Directory, LDAP, or RADIUS support Common Criteria Certification with FW 7.1.1
  • Dual controllers with 32GB non-volatile memory per controller

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Temperature range:
    10 to 35°C / 50 to 95°F

    Storage temperature:
    -40 to 65°C / -40 to 149°F

    maximum altitude of 12,000m (39,370ft)

    Inlet type:
    0 to 3,048m (0 to 10,000ft)
    NOTE: Up to 35°C / 95°F maximum temperature is reduced by 1°C/300m (1°F/547ft) above 950m (3,117ft)

    Operating relative humidity:
    10% to 80% (noncondensing) with 29°C (84.2°F) maximum dew point

    Non-operating relative humidity:
    5% to 95% (noncondensing) with 33°C (91°F) maximum dew point

    Operational shock:
    5g 10ms ½ sine operational – done for XYZ axis

    Non-operational shock:
    20g 10ms ½ sine, for X and Y axis

    Non-operational shock:
    30g 10ms ½ sine for Z axis only

    Random 21grms @ 5-500Hz operational / Random 1.04grms 2-200Hz non-operational

    LwA 8.0Bels

    Air Quality:
    Airborne contaminant level of G2 or lower as defined by ISA-S71.04-1985


  • Dual 2800W, 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz (high AC line power source only)


  • Dell Storage Manager (DSM): Allows you to perform day-to-day tasks across SC and PS Series arrays from a single management interface

    PS Series Group Manager

    SAN Headquarters multi-group performance and event monitoring tool

    Serial console

    Ability to configure a separate management network

    SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, Web (SSL), host scripting

    Multi-administrator support

Maximum Usable Capacity

  • Drive Capacities:

    2TB, 4TB, 6TB NL-SAS drives

    600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB SAS drives

    400GB, 800GB SSD and 2TB, 4TB NL-SAS drives

    System Capacities:
    Up to 504TB
    Up to 100.8TB

    Up to 291.2TB


  • Unified storage:
    Adding an FS7600 or FS7610 NAS appliance to PS Series group enables both block and file storage from a single storage solution.

Hard Drive

  • Hard Disk Drives:

    42 x 2TB, 4TB, or 6TB or 84 x 4TB or 6TB hot-pluggable 3.5” 7.2K RPM NL-SAS drives

    84 x 600GB, or 42 or 84 x 900GB or 1.2TB hot-pluggable 2.5” 10K RPM SAS drives

    14 hot-pluggable 2.5” SSDs and
    70 hot-pluggable 3.5” 7.2K RPM NL-SAS drives

    Self Encrypting Drives (SED):
    4TB NL-SAS SEDs in the 84 drive configuration

    1.2TB SAS SEDs in the 84 drive configuration


  • Redundant hot-swappable controllers
    Hot-swappable disks and power supplies


  • PS6610E, PS6610X:
    RAID 6, RAID 10

    RAID 6 Accelerated

Notification Methods

  • SAN Headquarters alerting including Dell SupportAssist, SNMP traps, email, syslog

Technical Highlights

  • Snapshots:
    512 per volume / up to 10,000 total per group

    Volume connections per PS series group:
    Up to 1024 per pool / 4,096 per group

    Host Protocol:
    Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator

Recommended Support

  • Dell ProSupport Plus for critical systems or Dell ProSupport for premium hardware and software support are recommended to provide you the right support services for your PS Series solution. Contact your Dell representative today for more information.

Enclosure Monitoring System

  • Automatic spare configuration and utilization
    Automatic bad block replacement
    Auto-Stat Disk Monitoring System (ADMS) to monitor health of data on disk drives
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