PowerVault NX3600 and NX3610 NAS Appliance

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Data storage, simplified.

Store, manage, AND scale, block and file data with an affordable, dependable NAS appliance suitable for midsize and smaller deployments.

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PowerVault NX3600 Storage System

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Dell Storage NX Family

Dell Storage NX Family

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PowerVault NX3600
Expand block and file storage efficiently as your business grows
Easily scale to meet dynamic block and file storage requirements and gain quick access to your stored data with an affordable network attached storage (NAS) appliance.
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Unify your NAS and storage area network (SAN).
Bring flexibility to your data storage environment and control the escalating costs of managing file data.
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Manage file data growth efficiently with Dell Fluid File System.
Expand block and file storage efficiently as your business grows with Dell™ Fluid File System (FluidFS) v2, an enterprise-class distributed file system.
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PowerVault NX3600
Protect mission-critical file data.
Several data protection features, including user-restorable snapshots, asynchronous replication, support for 3rd party anti-virus scanning of CIFS shares and NDMP backup capabilities are included at no additional cost.
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Get big performance at a low cost.
With 1GbE and 10GbE models to choose from, the PowerVault NX3600-series appliances offer easy, cost-effective integration with PowerVault™ MD Series iSCSI storage arrays
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  • Memory
    NX3600: 12GB DDR3 1066 MHz per controller
    NX3610: 24GB DDR3 1066 MHz per controller


  • Connectivity
    Back-end (SAN) Connectivity
    NX3600: 4 x 1GbE ports per appliance
    NX3610: 4 x 10GbE ports per appliance

    Front-end (Client Network) Connectivity
    NX3600: 4 x 1GbE ports per appliance
    NX3610: 4 x 10GbE ports per appliance

    Protocol Support
    CIFS/SMB v1.0, NFS v3, iSCSI, NDMP 4, Active Directory, LDAP, NIS (Network Information Service) (NIS), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Link Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad), Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Environmental Operating Conditions

    Operating: 10° to 40°C
    Non-operating: -40°C to 70°C

    Relative Humidity:
    Operating: 8% to 85% non-condensing
    Non-operating: 5% to 95% non-condensing

    Maximum Vibration:
    Operating: 0.26 GRMS (5-350Hz @ 0.0002G2/Hz for 5 minutes)
    Non-operating: 1.88 GRMS @ 10-500 Hz

    Maximum Shock:
    Operating: 31G 2.6 ms ½ sine
    Non-operating: 27g 235 in/sec square wave

    Operating: -16 m to 3,028 m (Note: For altitudes above 2,950 feet, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1°F/550 feet)
    Non-operating: -16 m to 10,600 m
    Acoustics: Sound power operating: <7.2 LwA-UL3, bels @ 23±2°


  • Wattage
    717W output per appliance

    90 V AC to 264V AC, auto-ranging, 47 Hz/63 Hz. Note: This system is also designed to be connected to IT power systems with a phase to phase voltage not exceeding 230 V.

    Heat dissipation
    2446 BTU/hr. Note: The heat dissipation is calculated using the power supply wattage rating. The heat dissipation values are for the entire system which includes (chassis and two controllers).

    Maximum inrush current
    Under typical line conditions and over the entire system ambient operating range, the inrush current may reach 55 A per power supply for 10 ms or less


  • NAS appliance
    Each 2U NX3600 (1 GbE) or NX3610 (10 GbE) appliance includes two NAS controllers that operate in an active-active environment with cache mirroring between controller pairs

    Storage arrays supported
    The NX3600 and NX3610 work with all Dell PowerVault MD 3200i and 3600i Series iSCSI arrays – MD3200i, MD3220i, MD3600i, MD3620i

    Expansion capability
    The capacity of an NX3600 system can be expanded by adding additional MD1200 Series expansion enclosures. The capacity of an NX3610 system can be expanded with one additional MD3200i or MD3600i Series iSCSI array and with MD 1200 Series expansion enclosures. An additional NX3610 can be added to an NX3610 configuration to increase performance.

    Maximum File System Capacity 
    ½ PB raw capacity per appliance with 1 MD iSCSI array and multiple expansion enclosures. A system with 2 NX3610 appliances can support 1PB raw capacity with 2 MD iSCSI arrays and multiple expansion enclosures


  • Chassis Physical Specifications (per dual controller appliance)

    2U / 86.4 mm (3.4 inches)

    481.50 mm (18.96 inch) with rack flange.
    446.3 mm (17.6 inches)—Does not include rack flange.

    741.0 mm (29.2 inches)—Without bezel and handle
    813.0 mm (32.0 inches)—With bezel and handle

    Weight (Maximum configuration)
    30.5 kg (67 lbs)

    Weight (empty)
    12.86 kg (28.36 lbs)

    Maximum weight
     69.5 lbs

    Rack Support
    ReadyRails II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks

Technical Highlights

  • Min NAS Reserve size
    512GB for single appliance cluster; 1024GB for two appliance system

    Max NAS Reserve size 
    ½ PB per appliance, 1 PB per system with two NX3610 appliances

    Maximum Share Size
    ½ PB per appliance, 1 PB per system with two NX3610 appliances

    Files Maximum file size

    Maximum number of files
    64 billion with 2 NX3610 appliances (32 billion per appliance)

    Maximum number of directories
    68 billion with 2 NX36x0 appliances (34 billion per appliance)

    Maximum directory depth

    Maximum file name length
    255 bytes

    NAS Volumes
    Maximum number of NAS volumes: 512 with 2 NX3610 appliances (256 per appliance)

    Maximum number of NFS mounts/exports: 1,024
    Maximum number of CIFS shares: 1,024

    Maximum number of CIFS concurrent client connections:
    NX3600: 200
    NX3610: 1500 per appliance

    Maximum number of user quotas rules per NX36x0 system: 100,000
    Maximum number of quota rules per volume: 512

    Local users and groups
    Maximum number of local users per NX36x0 system: 300
    Maximum number of local groups per NX36x0 system: 300

    Redirect-on-write, user-accessible over the network
    Maximum number of snapshots per NAS volume: 512
    Maximum number of snapshots per NX36x0 system: 10,000

    Asynchronous to peer NX36x0 appliance
    Like-to-like configurations only
    1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many
    Maximum number of replication policies per system: 256

    NDMP Support
    Three-way via Ethernet ports
    Certified with Dell NetVault Backup 8.6x and 9.0x, Symantec NetBackup 7.x, and Commvault Simpana 9.x and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.3

    Qualified Antivirus Software
    3rd Party anti-virus applications are supported via ICAP: Symantec ScanEngine 5.2 , Symantec Protection Engine 7.0

    Boot Options
    Local boot

Product Configurations

  • Storage arrays supported
    The NX3600 and NX3610 work with all Dell PowerVault MD 3200i and 3600i Series iSCSI arrays – MD3200i, MD3220i, MD3600i, MD3620i

    NX3600 and NX3610 appliances contain dual active-active controllers that manage the file workload in a single namespace for 1 NX3600 appliance (2 controllers) or 2 NX3610 appliances (4 controllers).

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Deployment Services
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Asset Recovery and Recycling Services
Proper disposal, reselling and donation of computer equipment is a time-consuming task that typically falls to the bottom of many IT to-do lists. Dell helps simplify the end-of-life processes for IT equipment in a way that can maximize value for your organization.

Training Services
Arm your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be as productive as possible. Dell offers comprehensive training services which include hardware and software training, as well as PC skills and professional development classes. With Dell training you can help improve system reliability, maximize productivity and reduce end-user requests and downtime.

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