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Your Custom Store and Standard Configurations

When you open your Premier Store and configure a system, the prices you see are the discount or contract prices your organization has negotiated with Dell. You'll know instantly what a system will cost, and if you are accessing Premier at a purchasing level, you can place your order online. Premier can help your organization manage its IT standards. When your users open the online store, they are offered only the options pre-approved by your organization. You can make your standard choices as broad or as narrow as your organization needs.

Discount Catalog
The Discount Catalog may include the entire Dell offering, by product line, at your organization's contract or discounted prices. The catalog selections can be customized by product line.

Standard Configurations

A limited number of standard configurations can be displayed that apply your account's contract specific configuration and pricing requirements. This is ideal for organizations that require standardized platforms.

Standard Configurations will be grouped by categories of systems, to help users find the appropriate system or configuration selection.



Special Offers

At times, your Premier website may show special offers for your organization from Dell. Ensure that you log in frequently to take advantage of any special offer presented by Dell.

How to Configure and Price