• Experience a Modern Platform for Your Mission-Critical Infrastructure with Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage

    • Software-defined approaches are gaining popularity as enterprises race to improve IT agility to support nimble business execution. Dell EMC PowerFlex software-defined storage platform supercharges your high-value workloads and modernization projects by offering extreme performance and massive scalability while enabling transformational agility.

      In this session, we will discuss PowerFlex architecture and its key technical capabilities, as well as new features in the latest release. You will learn:

      • How PowerFlex unlocks massive performance, unrestricted scalability and infrastructure fluidity with its software-centric approach
      • How PowerFlex enables organizations to embrace change with its flexible architectures and heterogeneous platform support
      • How PowerFlex optimizes key workloads and drives consistent predictable business outcomes
      • PowerFlex new capabilities that include scalable native replication, improved maintenance mode, and usability and security enhancements among others