• Connected Mobility in the Automotive Industry - Managing the Unexpected

    • Even before the global changes we are all experiencing, the automotive industry was undergoing significant disruption. And, the trend toward connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) cars presented a thorny challenge to R&D and production: requiring more software-oriented and data-driven operations. Consumer technology expectations driven by smartphone-like experiences, are forcing automakers to accelerate their Digital Transformation. Given the current state of organizations and the need to execute in a remote environment, automakers must find ways to keep operations running smooth and efficient. In response, Digital Transformations once planned to run over the course of years have been compressed into months.

      Join us to discuss the transition of the traditional automakers to more sophisticated logical operations – where data has primacy. We’ll focus on three key strategies and solutions (end-to-end portfolio) from edge to core to cloud driving positive outcomes on how to:

      • Enable the ability to work anywhere
      • Provide the data where people need it
      • Create a flexible foundation