• Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security

    The next evolution in enterprise architecture for IoT and safety and security

    • Enabling a safer and smarter world

      The Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security delivers true vision by enabling you not only see visual data from any number of data streams, but also to think, plan and act in ways that benefit the security and safety of your organization. 

    • Our solution helps you meet your safety and security requirements

      • Integration of new devices
      • Higher pixel resolution
      • Increase in device count and retention times
      • Integration of safety and security as well as IoT data
      • Artificial intelligence and machine vision
    • True vision delivered

    • Safety and Security. Simplified

      Combines hardware and software optimized for safety and security needs along with management and orchestration capabilities to meet the needs of OT and IT users.

    • Safety and Security. Enhanced

      Security features are designed into the solution to support massive storage, compute and networking loads that come with disparate data sources, while providing flexibility and customization.

    • Partners

    • Partner Collaborations

      Explore our documented lab validations completed with the major safety and security technology partners.

    • Video Management System Validations

      Explore our partners in Video Management System Validations for safety and security solutions.

    • Body-Worn System Validations

      Explore our partners in Body-Worn System Validations for various body-worn safety and security solutions and use cases.

    • Contact Dell Technologies Edge and IoT

      Tap into Dell Technologies knowledge and expertise to build your IoT Solution for Safety and Security.

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    • OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions for Safety and Security

      Leverage our innovative portfolio that delivers solutions from edge to core to cloud, as well as our unique embedded and edge services capabilities that bring custom-branded hardware-plus-software to market faster.