Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA)

Intel® Core™

Long-range virtual desktops.

Neutralize the effects of WAN latency and packet loss so users in remote locations can receive the full benefits of Dell Wyse cloud client computing.

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Dell Wyse VDA


Enhanced WAN performance for remote desktop virtualization.

Confidently deploy your virtualized desktop environments to areas where network latency traditionally presents operational barriers. Dell Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) software allows efficient cloud client computing to reach remote users without adding significant network costs or requiring regional data centers. If you have already deployed cloud client computing using regional data centers, VDA can help you achieve significant cost savings through data center consolidation.
Dell Wyse VDA neutralizes the effects of WAN latency and packet loss to enable:
  • Maximum bandwidth usage control per connection.
  • Accelerated connections to Microsoft® Remote Desktop, Microsoft® Terminal Server, Citrix® XenApp™ and Citrix XenDesktop™.
  • Improved end-user experiences from almost anywhere.

LAN-like performance over the WAN

Employing a combination of network tunneling, proxies and packet correction technologies, Dell Wyse VDA enables wide area networks (WANs) to mimic local area network (LAN) speeds to help spread the true benefits of cloud client computing beyond a central campus. Dell Wyse VDA enables you to cost-effectively:
Dell Wyse VDA — WAN accelerator for virtual desktops
  • Mitigate the impacts of long-distance TCP sessions or restricted wide area network (WAN) capacity on application performance and end-user experience
  • Improve virtual desktop user experiences for remote users
  • Develop robust and widespread disaster recovery contingencies that are secure and simple to implement. The VDA-enhanced WANs can quickly serve data from centralized and alternate backup data centers.
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