Rio Grande Pacific

    • Rio Grande Pacific leads the railroad industry into the digital era

    • Each year, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC) must get more than 475,000 passengers and 120,000 car loads for 140 freight customers to their destinations on time. In an industry that is slow to change and embrace technology, RGPC is not content with the status quo and has ambitious plans.

    • “We couldn’t do the things that we’re doing now if Dell  wasn’t here. The future of rail travel is tied to the future of technology. That’s why we’re with Dell.”

      Robert Bach, President and Chief Operating Officer, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation

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    • Keeping the trains running through innovation

      The future of rail travel is tied to the future of technology, which is why Rio Grande Pacific partners with Dell. Unity helped the company increase its speed tenfold and reduce its power usage by 93%. Reports and processes that took hours now take minutes.

    • Ensuring on-time and reliable railroad operation

      Rio Grande Pacific has reduced its power costs and server use from 28 servers to 4 with Dell Unity. Dell delivers businesswide efficiencies and enables the executive ability to grow and reposition the business.

    • Customer: Rio Grande Pacific
      Industry: Transportation & Warehousing
      Location: United States

      • Integrations

      • Dell Unity
        Unity supports Rio Grande Pacific as it moves its business model into the digital era.

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.