Dell Networking FTOS

Intel® Core™

Hardened performance for real-world networks

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Enable data center networks with Dell Networking Operating System 9 (OS9) — architected for consistent high performance, resiliency and portability across switch platforms.

  • Out-of-the-box stability, resiliency, performance and security advantages
  • Increased software portability and modularity to bring high-performance application features to all switch product lines
  • Based on NetBSD, an industry-leading, freely available open-source operating system. NetBSD® is highly reliable, portable and efficient

Dell Networking operating system


Dell OS9 Architecture

Dell Networking OS9 (formerly Force10 operating system or FTOS) powers the Dell Networking product portfolio and has been hardened in some of the largest and most demanding environments in the world to meet stringent reliability, scalability and serviceability requirements. With OS9, Dell Networking solutions are enabling businesses to cost effectively build end-to-end reliable networks while reducing operations and management overhead.


Operational Benefits:
The advanced features and modular design of OS9 delivers the following operational advantages:


A common interface across the Dell Networking switch product portfolio simplifies management and reduces the total cost of network ownership
  • Common interface across chassis and fixed configuration switch/routers provides customers with optimized solutions for every part of their network
  • Identical configuration, diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance across all platforms reduces downtime and speeds training to streamline management
  • Unified management from the wiring closet to the data center results in simplified maintenance and lifecycle management


The modular OS9 architecture and single code release deliver optimal application uptime
  • Modular architecture provides inherent process isolation and protected memory space
  • Fault isolation restricts faults to specific processes so failures in one module does not affect other modules
  • Hitless and stateful failover ensures that packets are forwarded during a control plane failure
  • Single code release and train results in a stable code and fewer errors and restarts
Hardened in demanding data center environments, OS9 delivers performance and process predictability
  • Dedicated resources for each active network feature ensure that individual processes can scale under load
  • Processes distributed to line cards enable systems to simultaneously run multiple processes without impacting performance
  • Control plane inherits a high degree of maturity and stability from NetBSD’s high-performance IP stacks and Interprocess Communication (IPC) mechanism

OS9 reduces unplanned downtime through corrective actions
  • Inline monitoring and diagnostics tools enable troubleshooting without system shutdown or disruption
  • Industry standard command-line interface (CLI) leverages existing knowledge base and tools, minimizing the need for retraining
  • Third-party support through an XML interface enables integration with management platforms
  • Advanced configuration control enables automated configuration rollback to a known working version while the change control system allows multiple configuration backups
  • Automated fault correction sends health checks through the system to determine overall status and allows customers to program responses to any failed tests


Supported Deployments:
OS9 powers a growing family of Dell Networking switches, including the Dell Networking Z-Series, E-Series, C-Series and S-Series.