Keep Your Hard Drive

Get a replacement hard drive without giving up your old one

No one likes the thought of a failed hard drive, especially when sensitive data is at high risk of exploitation. And while there are many ways to recover data, not all are equally secure.

That’s why many organizations in regulatory environments opt to retain possession of failed hard drives — forgoing the benefits offered by their warranties. There’s a better option. Our Keep Your Hard Drive service offers ultimate control, allowing you to retain complete control of your data. If your hard drive fails, you manage data destruction and drive disposal on your own, without opening the door to potential third-party mismanagement.

With Keep Your Hard Drive, you can:
  • Ensure strict security of sensitive data and hard drives — Retain physical possession of a failed hard drive and ensure security of classified, proprietary or sensitive data.
  • Maintain complete control — Keep failed hard drives in-house and decide how and when to dispose of your data, on your own terms.
  • Comply with security regulations — Prevent your hard drive contents from being compromised in any way.
  • Mitigate risk — Reduce the possibility of expensive civil liability by controlling every step of the data destruction and hard drive disposal process.
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