Compellent Technologies, Inc.

Dell signs agreement to acquire Compellent Technologies, Inc.
Enterprise-class storage solutions that automate the movement and management of data throughout its life cycle

On February 22, 2011, Dell announced completion of the acquisition of Compellent Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:CML). Compellent Technologies, Inc. provides a unified architecture that supports multiple drive types — solid-state drive (SSD), Fibre Channel (FC), serial ATA (SATA), and serial attached SCSI (SAS) file systems and connectivity options such as Internet SCSI (iSCSI), FC and network attached storage (NAS) — all within a single storage system. The acquisition strengthens Dell’s midrange portfolio by increasing iSCSI scalability to 1,000TB or more.

This acquisition advances Dell’s vision of empowering customers to address IT challenges in the Virtual Era. Dell’s Efficient Enterprise strategy addresses the challenges of data storage through three core beliefs:

  • Tiering and migration must be automated
  • Data management intelligence must be built in to the technology to empower users
  • Data growth must be addressed in an era of flat budgets

The Compellent Technologies automated data tiering technology is the most advanced in the industry and provides optimization for enhanced performance and outstanding capacity management. The acquisition adds to Dell’s storage value proposition by providing the best of scale up with technology that can be leveraged to enhance Dell’s scale-out strategy. As the market for iSCSI continues to grow, this also enables Dell to provide Fibre Channel capabilities alongside EqualLogic and other iSCSI offerings.

This announcement comes after two recent acquisition announcements of Exanet and Ocarina.