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michael dell and silver lake complete acquisition of dell

At Dell, we believe that when you make technology accessible, you make it possible for people to realize their potential as thinkers, doers, owners and entrepreneurs. Michael Dell founded Dell nearly 30 years ago on this idea—and today, the human side of technology still powers everything we do.

Getting back to our roots as a privately owned company is Dell's way of recommitting to this vision—and to you. Going private will enable us to move faster, take smarter risks, and keep your goals central to every decision we make.

From accelerating cancer research to supporting discoveries beyond our world, the stories here show just some of the ways Dell has given our customers the power to do more. Greater things lie in the stories yet to come—and as we start our next chapter, we look forward to telling those stories with you.


The next big thing is only as important as the bigger things it enables people to do. As a private company, we'll invest in research and development at every level, with a relentless focus on innovation where it matters most to you.

Dell and the American Red Cross Launch Digital Operations Center We're helping people stay connected in times of need. 
Dell and the American Red Cross Launch Digital Operations Center

Inspired by you

Technology is our most powerful tool, but it's the human needs behind that technology that give us purpose. As a private company, we'll bring a renewed sense of focus to the individuals and organizations we serve.

TGen We're giving doctors more time to be doctors.
Dell Commits to Multimillion-Dollar, Multiyear Children's Cancer Care Initiatives
Designed for speed

Technology moves fast, and we will, too. As a private company, we'll focus on doing fewer things and doing them better—and we'll use relentless efficiency to make sure you're getting the things you need even faster.

Caterham F1 We're helping racecars get closer to the winner's circle.
Racing Team Uses Dell's Specialized Solutions to Shave Seconds off Qualifying Times
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