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BandhanaWhen did you join Dell and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined Dell in 2008 as a human resources generalist supporting the then consumer, small and medium business sales organization for South Asia/ and Taiwan. After more than two years supporting the sales organization, I moved on to support other business functions including Malaysia services and global operations. In 2011, when an opportunity arose to take on the Talent Acquisition (TA) Malaysia leader role, and after having a career discussion with my manager, I decided to pursue this opportunity as it allowed me to develop myself further as a people manager deliver tangible results while still making a direct impact on the business. Although it was a lateral move, it allowed me to learn and grow into a more all-rounded HR person at Dell. Since taking on the role, I have grown to include several other locations into my portfolio, including Singapore in 2012 and Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

What responsibilities are included in your current role?

As the South Asia, Australia and New Zealand TA Director, I am responsible for working with my teams across the sub-region to deliver the best talent to Dell in the most efficient and effective manner.

How would you describe the Dell culture?

Our culture embraces change and diverse opinions. Dell empowers each team member to act in the best interest of our customers, our community and our company and the overall winning spirit stand out at Dell.

What do you think people interested in working here would need to know?

We work in an industry where rapid change is a trademark. The ability to be resilient and open to new experiences, while constantly developing and challenging yourself would be required skills to be successful at Dell.

What keeps you here at Dell?

I am awed everyday by the deep passion and commitment of the people I work with at Dell. I am inspired by the leaders I interact with and excited by what we can achieve individually and collectively as a team. From delivering key milestones to having fun at work, I am humbled by the everyday acts of the heroes at Dell.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with and some of your career highlights at Dell?

There have been many major milestones for me personally at Dell, however my recent proud moment was when the South Asia TA team was recognized by Steve Price (and Human Resources Executive Leadership Team) in over-achieving and delivering against the headcount commitments for Singapore despite the daunting timelines and role requirements. When the team wins, I win, so was a thrilling moment for me!

What positive effects have you seen as a result of Dell’s strategy?

The biggest difference I have seen personally is the overarching focus on Dell’s customers. With the evolvement of Dell as a total solutions provider, our customers' needs are at the forefront of all we do and hearing how our team members embody this in their everyday tasks and living our purpose is truly awesome!

How does Dell differentiate itself when it comes to being an employer of choice?

Being at the forefront of bringing talent into the organization, I am constantly unsurprised by the number of people who choose to come back and work at Dell. The ability to craft your own career path, our direct communication style, the flexibility to be able to deliver on both fronts, both professional and personal, and the high level of trust within the teams are some of the many things I hear from these returning Dell folks.

Describe your Dell experience in five words.

Empowering, enriching, constantly evolving and ever-challenging with never a dull moment!

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