Limited Warranty for end-user

Dell Hardware Warranty - 1 year warranty from the manufacturer for the end user
Dell warrants to the end user, in accordance with the following provisions, that its Dell hardware products (“Products”), purchased by the end user directly from Dell or from an authorized distributor/reseller of Dell in Latin America (except Brazil) or the Caribbean, are free from defects in materials, workmanship and design affecting normal use for a period of one year from original purchase date. Products for which a proper claim is made shall be, at Dell's discretion (in those jurisdictions where such decision lies in Dell's power), repaired or replaced at Dell's expense. All the parts removed from the repaired products shall become the property of Dell. Dell uses parts from various manufacturers to make repairs. The parts may be new or refurbished (except when by law Dell must use new parts in the repair) and of equivalent or higher quality and technology, with respect to the original Product specifications.

This warranty does not apply to defects arising from:
• Normal wear and tear.
• Suitability of the Product for a particular purpose or use (this exclusion does not apply to products purchased in Peru).
• Third-party Products, such as software, whose warranty shall be delivered to the customer directly by the manufacturer or licensor of said products.
• Any instruction given by the customer and performed by Dell.
• Causes not attributable to defects of manufacture and/or defects of material.
• Product defects which do not cause a discrepancy between what is offered and what is delivered (this exclusion does not apply to products purchased in Peru).
• Replacement of parts, repair or attempt to repair the Product by persons not authorized by Dell.
• Lack of maintenance or service of the Product in accordance with the indications in the instruction manual.
• Accidents or negligence in use of the Product.
• Abuse or improper use of the Product or use other than normal domestic use, or not in accordance with the instruction manual.
• Bad connection of the product to other products indicated in the instruction manual or connection of the Product to any equipment other than those.
• Presence of sand, spills from liquid substances, water, burns or any foreign element inside the Product.
• Spikes or drops in voltage in the network or connection of the Product to networks whose voltage does not correspond to that listed in the instruction manual.
• Damage caused by floods, earthquakes, fire, electrical storms, impacts, and/or incorrect transport.
• Any disposable part, for example batteries, unless damage is due to a defect in the materials or workmanship.
• If any Dell serial number or service label has been eliminated or erased.
• Breakage or cracking of LED or screen.
• Force majeure or act of God, and, in general, any event that is outside the possible control of Dell, including, but not limited to damage caused by floods, earthquakes, fires, thunderstorms, shock, and / or improper transportation.

How to Make a Claim
The type of service for responding to a warranty claim may vary depending on the Product and on your choices at the time of purchase. If you are not certain about what type of warranty you have, you must contact your sales representative or authorized Dell distributor/reseller or check the state of the warranty on the Dell support web page  ( If you acquired the Product through an authorized distributor/reseller, Dell will only provide the service when the end user has transferred ownership ("tag transfer") as part of the online registration process. However, the warranty period starts when the user receives the Product, and registration is part of the support process if the end user has not done so before contacting Dell technical support.

Steps for making a claim:
1. If the Product was acquired directly from Dell go to step #2, otherwise you must complete the registration process:
• Connect to Internet and visit the web site to register your warranty:
• Select the language and country where you purchased your equipment and complete the online form with the information requested.
• After completing the form click "send".

2. Connect with Dell Technical support. You may choose the contact method you prefer: e-mail, chat or phone. The contact options appear on the Dell support web page. (The support numbers for the region can be found at the end of this document; to see the up-to-date list, visit this page
3. Have the following information ready for the technical support agent:

• Customer information including place and date of purchase.
• Service label on the machine or in its absence the Express Service Code.
• Symptoms at the time of the defect.

4. Depending on the warranty service that you have acquired (not all types of warranty are available in all countries and/or cities), the Dell technical support will give instructions on the case to determine if the problem is covered by the hardware warranty and if replacement of parts is required.

Service on Authorized Service Center. The technician will inform you of the service centers that are available in your city. You must:

(i) Forward the equipment to the Service Center, as well as remove the equipment from the Service Center as soon as the repair of the product is complete.
(ii) Forward to the Service Center, along with the equipment, all components indicated by the authorized Dell technician, such as power cord and battery, among others.
Mail Service. The technician will inform the End User to take the product to one of the branches of the post office. In the case of Technical Assistance Service by Mail, the End User must:
(i) Keep the original equipment box. If End User shall not have the original packaging of the product the End user must provide for its own risk another packaging suitable for the shipment of the products by the post office.
(ii) Forward with the product, all components indicated by the authorized Dell technician, such as power cord and battery, among others.
In Home Service. Dell's agent will instruct you to attend a visit by an authorized Dell technician at your home or workplace.
(i) Provide Dell’s technical representatives access to the software and products associated with the claim. If there are safety restrictions that can be applied to any or all of the customer’s systems in need of technical support covered by this contractual warranty, Dell may request for the customer to take any necessary measures that will allow Dell to provide the appropriate technical support without compromising the safety, integrity and confidentiality of any information or data stored in the computer and/or in any of the customer’s software.
(ii) Notify Dell about any potential safety or health risk in the location where the customer will receive technical support and provide and/or recommend safety procedures to be followed whenever applicable.
(iii) When necessary, provide an appropriate workplace and access to any communication media considered necessary to provide the service, at no cost to Dell.
(iv) Guarantee that a responsible party will be present during the performance of the service.
(v) Provide, at no cost to Dell, any recording and storage media, including any necessary magnetic disks and tapes to perform the service, as well as any data communication devices (modems) and telephone lines and/or net connections that are necessary to perform this remote service electronically (electronic remote access).
Units Replaceable by the End User (CRU). If the Dell technician finds that the problematic part of his or her computer is easy to disconnect and reconnect, such as a keyboard, monitor, hard drives in notebooks or any other component designated as a component that can be replaced by the End User, the End User may receive those components for installation with Dell telephone support , without a Dell technician being moved to the End User location or the equipment being sent to Authorized Service Center, depending on the equipment warranty form. CRU components are split within two categories: (i) Internal Components: battery, memory, network card, hard drive, cables, plastics power supply, video card; and (ii) External Components: keyboard, mouse, removable drive, cables, AC adapter, docking station, flat panel display, battery.

Note: The End User must back up data on the product hard drives and any other product storage devices prior to receiving service from Dell's technician, even if this service is performed only remotely. The End User will also be responsible for removing any confidential, proprietary, or personal information and removable media such as cards or storage devices, DVD / CDs or PC cards before sending a product to a repair center.

General Provisions
• The services, when their provision is agreed with the customer, will be provided by a Dell authorized service provider and may vary depending on the Product.
• Response times are estimated and may vary according to the site/location and access to the Product and availability of parts.
• The service may be provided by phone or Internet as appropriate.
• If it is agreed and stated on the Order Confirmation, the Service Offer may include advice, labeling, installation, embedding, removal, training and/or consulting.
• Unless otherwise expressly provided in the Order Confirmation, the service does not include: articles excluded from the warranty, changes in configuration, relocation, preventative maintenance, disposable items, diskettes, CDs, work which at Dell's discretion is not necessary (except Products purchased in Chile), electrical environment, data transfer or software, solution of problems caused by virus.
• Third-party Products will be repaired under the warranty of the manufacturer or licensor.
• Replacement parts not critical for operation of the Product (e.g. hinges, ports, decorations, frames) may not be substituted in the period of the service offer (except Products purchased in Peru).
• Except for Products purchased in Chile and Peru, Dell is not obligated to provide the service or support until Dell has received full payment.
• Dell has no responsibility for loss or recovery of data, software, and other content on Dell-branded products resulting from services performed by a Dell-authorized technician.
• Dell and its authorized service providers may not copy copyrighted materials or copy or use illegal data, and therefore Dell is not responsible for copyright infringement of files that End User may install directly on Dell products.

Contact Dell Technical Support
You have the option of using the contact method you prefer to reach Dell Technical Support, be it e-mail, chat or telephone, for any questions, complaints or clarification. Contact options appear on Dell support website, which is as follows:

Legal Rights and Limitations
Dell does not offer any other warranty or make equivalent statement apart from those previously established. This warranty supersedes all other warranties, to the maximum permitted by law. In the absence of applicable laws this warranty shall be the user's sole and exclusive remedy against Dell or any of its partners, and neither Dell nor any of its partners shall be liable for loss of profits or contracts, or alleged damages, or any other indirect or consequential loss arising from negligence, breach of contract or any other event.

This warranty shall not limit or affect the binding legal rights of the end user or any other rights arising from other contracts between the end user and Dell and/or any other seller.

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