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    Germany - Technology

    Realising 140 times greater performance than its nearest competitors Oracle and HP.
    EXASOL drives growth internationally, helping customers cut decision-making time for their clients and increase sales with world’s fastest in-memory database appliance

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    France - Healthcare

    Enabling physiotherapists to gain cost-effective access to its MediMoov platform.
    NaturalPad in France successfully launches interactive game platform MediMoov to help rehabilitate people with neurological and motor disorders, while giving physiotherapists an affordable leasing option

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    UK – Education

    Helping QMUL secure its place among the top universities in the world!
    Queen Mary University of London enhances student experience with touch screen devices and improves budget efficiency with Dell Financial Services

  1. SAP in the Cloud

    Content Management and Collaboration Services

    Empower your enterprise with Dell Content Management and Collaboration Services.

  2. SAP in the Cloud

    Content Managment and Collaboration Services

    Empower Your Enterprise with Dell Content Management and Collaboration Services.

  3. SAP in the Cloud

    Dell ZeroIMPACT Migration Services

    Dell’s ZeroIMPACT Migration Services for SAP makes expensive planned outage windows a thing of the past.

  4. Accidental Damage Protection Insurance Datasheet

    Accidental Damage Protection Insurance Datasheet


    Get back to work quickly and efficiently

  5. Modernize legacy applications

    How to modernize legacy applications and be certain of your ROI (Gated Asset)

    Hear a discussion of today’s top modernization challenges and learn practical recommendations to minimize risk and lead an application transformation initiative with certainty.

  6. Infographic: Dell PC as a Service

    Infographic: Dell PC as a Service

    PC as a Service adoption is happening quickly. Explore this infographic and understand some of the reasons why it is a beneficial flexible consumption model to consider and the details about Dell PC as a Service.

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    Comprehensive Software Support: Client and Enterprise


    This data sheet provides a list of all software products that we troubleshoot and support. Our ProSupport Suite and Premium Support services cover software installed on server, networking and storage hardware as well as end-user desktops, notebooks, thin clients and tablets..

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    ProSupport Collaborative Assistance List


    This datasheet provides a list of vendors we collaborate with to solve customer issues. Product and service availability vary by country.

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    ProSupport for Software Supported Applications

    This data sheet provides a list of all software applications entitled by your ProSupport for Software service contract.

  10. prodeploy-client-suite-brochure.pdf

    ProDeploy Client Suite Brochure


    The Dell ProDeploy Client Suite helps you deploy PCs with greater speed, less effort and more control. You will direct every detail of your deployment with Dell’s TechDirect portal with an unprecedented level of control, automation and simplicity.

  11. prodeploy-for-client-datasheet.pdf

    ProDeploy Datasheet

    Dell ProDeploy saves you time and money, and eliminates do-it-yourself. You’ll experience a shift from a labor intensive implementation to light-touch deployment enabled by robust upfront planning and automating configuration tasks in the factory.

  12. basic-deployment-datasheet.pdf

    Basic Deployment Datasheet

    Dell Basic Deployment saves you time and resources by having systems arrive with your image loaded, BIOS configured, and asset tags applied install. All that is left for you to do is the installation and data migration.

  13. prodeploy-plus-datasheet.pdf

    ProDeploy Plus Datasheet

    Dell ProDeploy Plus is an end-to-end service including every task required to get new PCs from factory to desk, up and running. Direct every detail of your deployment with Dell’s TechDirect portal which gives you an unprecedented level of control.

  14. ProSuppport Software Support Services

    ProSupport Software Support Services

    Learn more about Dell ProSupport Software Support services.

  15. Dell_EMC_ProSupport_One_Data_Center.pdf

    ProSupport One for Data Center


    ProSupport One for Data Center with EMC Secure Remote Services and SupportAssist significantly reduces IT effort.

  16. prosupport-collaborative-software-assistance-list-enterprise-and-end-user.pdf

    ProSupport Collaborative Assistance List


    Dell and/or Dell EMC assists with troubleshooting third-party hardware and software across your enterprise and end-user environments.

  17. prosupport enterprise

    ProSupport Plus for Enterprise Data Sheet


    Learn the ways Dell ProSupport Plus proactively improves performance through environmental intelligence, elite engineers and technical account management.

  18. Save time and money

    IDC White Paper: Save time using client deployment services


    IDC’s survey data found that organizations with the most optimized overall approaches to PC deployment across deployment activities incur lower costs associated with IT staff time compared with those with the least optimized processes.

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    Dell Unified Communications and Collaboration Services Brochure

    Dell Services combine optimized technical architectures with delivery frameworks to lower costs and provide rapid results — bringing together global employees from different departments to help implement your Flexible WorkStyle transformation.

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    Dell ProSupport Plus DataSheet


    ProSupport Plus is the most complete support service, it combines priority access to expert support, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring for automatic issue prevention and resolution.

  1. connected-configuration-video.jpg

    Connected Configuration Video

    The Dell™ Connected Configuration service lets you put an instance of your system management software such as Microsoft SCCM inside our facilities. Via a secure VPN connection, you now can get direct access to servers in the Dell Configuration Centers where you can complete all of your configuration tasks. Dell Connected Configuration Service allows imaging, changing BIOS settings, partitioning hard drives, loading third party software and applications and installing the latest drivers and patches as set up in your own customized task sequence. You will also be able to complete configuration tasks such as domain join that traditionally only could be performed when the system is present in your own network.

  2. Dell-ProSupport-Plus-Complete-Support-for-PCs-and-tablets.jpg

    ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets

    Dell introduces the most complete support for PCs and tablets – ProSupport Plus. It’s the only complete support service that combines priority access to expert support, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring for automatic issue prevention and resolution.

  3. configuration-center-video.jpg

    Deployment Services Video

    To simplify deployment, ensure consistency and maximize up time, look to Dell Services. Learn how we provide these services globally starting with our configuration centers in the Netherlands, Australia, and the USA. At these facilities, configuration experts ensure your systems are pre-configured and ready to go out of the box. Your company receives fully functional systems shipped directly from the factory ready for installation and use by your employees. You will take a tour of our configuration centers to see how we image systems, apply asset tags, customize BIOS settings and add custom hardware components. You will also gain an understanding of our warehousing capabilities and custom packaging services.