Advisors and Tools

  • Advisors — Get a solution configuration — services, hardware and software — based on your specific requirements that you can submit to a Dell technical sales representative to further refine and order.
  • Training — Get a lot of IT solution training in a small amount of time.
  • Tools — Get a true sense of your current IT environment and identify areas for further optimization.


  • Get advice and assistance in constructing your IT solutions with automated online advisors that capture Dell's deep IT expertise


    Dell Precision Workstation Advisor Dell Precision Workstation Advisor
    Choose a Dell Precision PC that meets your computing needs and application specifications using our Precision Workstation Advisor — an interactive tool that helps define your unique system configuration.
    High-Performance Computing Advisor High-Performance Computing Advisor
    Use the HPC Advisor to help define the cluster architecture, server and processor requirements of your high performance computing solution — including capacity, interconnect and throughput.
    Oracle Database Advisor Oracle Database Advisor
    Choose server, storage and performance preferences and usage and environment characteristics, and let the Oracle Advisor generate configuration recommendations for your solution.
    Small and Medium Business (SMB) Operating System Advisor Small and Medium Business (SMB) Operating System Advisor
    Let the interactive Small Business OS Advisor tool help you identify the hardware and software that best meet your business needs and generate a recommended configuration based on your specifications.
    SQL Server Advisor SQL Server Advisor
    Perform capacity planning and sizing for Microsoft SQL Server database deployments based on your hardware, software and operations requirements using the SQL Server Advisor.
    Technology Solutions Training Portal
    Our 20-minute modules deliver a lot of IT solution training in a small amount of time. Subject areas include Cloud computing, Virtualization, Mobility, Software, Security and many more.


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