Entrepreneur in Residence

Entrepreneur in Residence
Dell for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur in Residence

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Dell’s ground-breaking Entrepreneur in Residence program set the standard for how a corporation can harness the power of entrepreneurship within its own walls for the benefit of the entrepreneurs it serves.

In September 2011, Dell announced its first ever entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR.) Typically an EIR works with venture capital firms or investors to nurture a big idea and then invest in the new venture at the end of the EIR’s term. For Dell, the EIR helps us create an even more meaningful bridge between Dell and the marketplace. The EIR helps drive strategy and takes our ability to listen and act on what customers need to the next level.

Meet Dell's Entrepreneur in Residence

elizabeth goreElizabeth Gore
Meet Dell's current Entrepreneur in Residence, Elizabeth Gore.
Elizabeth GoreIngrid Vandervelt
Learn about the success of the program under the direction of Ingrid Vandervelt, Dell's first EIR.