Dell Customer Support Charter

Dell is committed to delivering effective technology solutions to you by providing support for our products when you need it. Our Customer Support Charter provides more information about how we propose to meet this commitment to you.

1. How to contact us
If you need support:

  • About the delivery status of your Dell products;
  • About In relation to the delivery status of your invoice;
  • To change your billing address;
  • To take advantage of our Refunds and Return for Change of Mind policy; or
  • Because you have concerns that a product you received is missing, wrong or damaged;

please contact our Customer Care Team:
PHONE: 1800 812 393

If you need support for a technical issue with a Dell product, please contact our Technical Support Team on:

PHONE: 1300 790 877
EMAIL: Click Here

2. How to help us support you
So we can support you in the most efficient way please include, or have ready, the following information:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • Your order number;
  • Your service tag (a unique five- to seven- digit letter and number code, which is found on a white bar-coded label on your Dell computer or peripheral);
  • Any additional detail that could help us to assess and process your request;
  • Copies of any documents relating to your request; and
  • Details of any prior contact with us on the issue you are concerned about.
3. How we will handle your support request
If you lodge your support request by email or fax, we aim to acknowledge your request within 24 hours.
We aim to resolve your requests for support as promptly. If possible, we will inform you of the estimated time it will take to resolve your support request and we aim to keep you informed of our progress in handling your request.
If we can't resolve your request initially, we will then escalate your request to our review team.
After your support request has been actioned, we will contact you to confirm that your support request has been resolved to your satisfaction. If you do not believe your request has been resolved let us know and we will re-assess your support request.

4. Complaints regarding customer support process
Support requests will only be denied by us if:

  • All Smart Selection and extended warranties and contractual rights have expired; and
  • There is no statutory right of support (see part 5 below).

If you have a complaint regarding a denial of a support request, or the support request handling process generally, please visit and click here:



5. Your statutory rights
All products supplied by Dell to consumers are covered by statutory consumer rights that cannot be excluded. These rights are in addition to your rights provided under Dell's own terms and conditions and associated Smart Selection warranty provisions. Dell customers are entitled to a remedy if products do not comply with the statutory consumer rights.
If you believe your Dell products do not comply with your statutory consumer rights, please contact our Technical Support Team.
For further information on your statutory consumer rights, please click here