Transformative IT

Dell believes technology is at the center of human progress. By applying it to today’s most pressing issues in society and the environment, we can create or accelerate impactful, positive change. To do so, through our charitable giving initiatives, we are providing financial support and technology - even developing and creating new solutions - to help the most innovative researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and leaders to bring their work to life at the largest scale possible.

How Dell is helping treat pediatric cancer
Turning a patient’s vast DNA and RNA sequencing data into the insights doctors need to recommend personalized treatment requires incredible processing power. Dell’s expertise and technology is advancing the use precision medicine to help doctors and researchers analyze molecular data and collaborate with colleagues more effectively.

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cancer care

lifecareTechnology is changing healthcare in rural India
Dell is taking a digital healthcare solution called Digital Lifecare to all of India. The software platform uses an app and software platform to ensure that all patient data is available to medical providers.

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Digital Preservation Initiative
Since the beginning of mankind, humans have recorded history. However, cultural treasures are in locations where they are unprotected. We want to ensure that these precious assets are preserved, protected, and globally accessible in digital form.

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Preserving Hemingway's works
We're working to ensure that the works of Ernest Hemingway are around for generations.

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hemmingway   The Vatican Apostolic Library
This library is one of the most extensive and significant in the world.

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