Strategic Initiatives

As a diversified global company, we have the power to impact multiple sectors of the tech industry and every geography we serve. The next great chapter for Dell, led by our founder and CEO Michael Dell, includes diversity and inclusion as a key business imperative. We are working to apply our expertise in technology and innovation to knock down barriers and eliminate bias wherever it exists through strategic initiatives.

Our flagship strategic programs include:

Many Advocating Real Change (MARC)
Employee Community EmpowermentMARC, a key component of our D&I strategy, is an initiative for leaders committed to achieving equality in the workplace. Through this program we engage leaders in candid conversations on various diversity topics such as identifying ways to mitigate unconscious biases and promoting a more collaborative and inclusive leadership style. MARC sessions offer a judgment-free space for leaders to grapple with challenging subjects directly and honestly.

Dell was the first IT company to participate in the MARC Leaders program that was created by the Catalyst organization, a non-profit that promotes inclusive workforces for women, and is currently cascading this initiative to all global leaders.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Gender EmpowermentWe hope to significantly boost the number of diverse talent within technology. We are doing our part to help with our STEM entry and re-entry programs, because the future success of technology companies depends on a robust diverse talent pipeline. The STEM entry programs empower and enable diverse talent who are interested in pathways to pursuing careers in STEM. The re-entry into the workforce programs are for those who put their careers on pause in order to have a family. We also offer support and opportunities for those who are ready to transition back into the workforce.